Fly on the Wall Sunday: What I Like About Exploring Worlds

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The world is not black and white; my writing worlds don’t need to be either. I love exploring worlds one book at a time, and I love doing it in color.

It was a long journey before I knew I was writing IRR (Interracial romance), but that’s one of the labels they place on what I write.

I love writing suspense, science fiction and a little romance mixed in. I love building smartly –passionate, beautiful women and dashingly handsome, strong men who fall in love with them.

Writing is just one of those places where worlds can be epically beautiful, masterfully mysterious and magically reflective if you want them to be.

IMG_3932The new blog is up. I Did It My Way deals with beauty, health and fashion. I plan to have a three day a week posting schedule. I will still have Makeup Tuesday here as well for a while. So if you are into makeup, fashion, health and things related to those topics please be sure to check out the blog. It’s one post in right now.

Wednesdays with the Arts: The Funny Thing About Makeup

I’m just going to put it out there now, my sense of humor is probably a bit warped but I did find this video really funny. I also think it’s kind of true in some respects.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I’m more likely not to wear it than I am to wear it. In the past, and even now, I notice that men still seem to find me attractive but the number of men looking when I’m not wearing makeup pales in comparison to the ones who look when I am. And I notice the kind of men who look are different in each situation too.

                           No Makeup

  • Older men looking at me tend to think I’m not of legal age yet they flirt anyway. That is so gross.
  • Men way younger than me.
  • Older men who want me to date their sons. Sons who just graduated and went into the Marines. (Add a lot of years to that age and I might be interested because I have a thing for Marines; I’m not sure why…but I do.)

                        With Makeup

Married men.

Men who ignore me usually yet look like they are going to trip over their feet just to look at me.

Women who look like they think I want their husbands.

Younger men. (Yep, younger men seem to look either way ;)).

I attribute all this to makeup because the clothes are same. Dresses, pants, jeans or skirts all seem to garner the same attention. But makeup…makeup is probably it’s own art of war.

Anyway, I will be starting a new site for Beauty, Health and Fashion soon. I will still do Makeup Tuesdays here but I would like to do more posts on those three things so I think they need their own site as not to crowd out the Capri Montgomery Books blog here. I will post a link once I have it ready.

Makeup Tuesday: The YouTube Expedition

I like it when there are makeup videos that can give different ideas and looks that you can either replicate or use a little here and there to create your own look. Here are a few I have viewed recently.

glamtwinz334 – Deep Bronze Makeup:

Soft Cool Tone Spring Makeup:

Vampy Makeup:

A great accessory to go with the pink shades of spring and summer is my Deliciously Pink knitted shawl. It’s available now and you can read more about it on my Knit This ~ Sew That blog.

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Monday Musings: And There Goes The Food

The morning was going so well. I got my workout in which helped me get rid of an impending migraine that awakened me at just after two in the morning. I got all of my needed documents requested and in for something important. I even finished the first draft on a story leaving only one more first draft to complete before I go in for edits on all of the first drafts that are complete in order to get them at least to second draft this year. I even had another story idea that I decided not to write because it’s out of bounds for me…but I’d still kind of like to jump in and write it…but I won’t…of course I said that about the makeup too and we see how that turned out.

Yes, the morning was going all too well. I made a recipe I have been putting together. I made a few changes. I took my plate to sit down to eat, went to cross my leg, my knee hit the plate and…there goes the food. Yeah…I didn’t get to eat :( and I had to clean the jam off the carpet. To say I’m still hungry would be an understatement. But since the slow cooker has a while before finishing what it’s cooking I think it’s safe to say I will be hungry for a while.

Fly on the Wall Sunday: Back to Shadow Hills

No, I am not revisiting the town with a new six month long series, although being completely honest here I would like to go back, back to Shadow Hills and stay there.

Alas, I cannot go.

I have just been dreaming of small mountain towns and thinking how great it would be to live there—minus the murder, the thieving mayor, the gossiping township and the blistering cold that is :).

Since I decided to revisit the entire collection as my book to read when I have I am going to share a little bit of Shadow Hills here today.

search-454461_1280 (2)

Small towns and secrets go together hand in hand and Shadow Hills is no exception to this rule. In this miniseries, that plays out on the page like a soap opera without the melodrama, we’ll meet the residents of this mountainous Montana town where secrets are meant to stay buried at all cost.

Shadow Hills January Cover

Snippets from Fallen Hero (January).

Tanner Price:

Until four months ago he thought he might die of boredom, but that was four months ago. That was before Anya McLane moved into town and opened her little boutique on Main Street. Now, boredom was the least of his worries. He was probably going to die of sexual frustration.

Small towns were habitually nosy and the last thing he needed was for somebody to catch wind of his little crush on Anya.

Little? Right. His crush was about as little as an elephant. He couldn’t wait to see her daily. He had gone in her store several times and bought a hat here, or a scarf there. He had more hats and scarves than he knew what to do with. Maybe he could send a few out to family and friends or something. If he didn’t figure out something he was going to have two drawers full of knitted products.

Small towns, big secrets and blooming love is a serious recipe for chaos in Shadow Hills.

The complete collection can be found in print on lulu and individual e-books on Amazon and B&N.

Lulu: Shadow Hills Complete Collection:

Amazon Author Page:

B&N Books:

I’m Not Doing What Again?

I know I said I was not buying more makeup. Yes, I said that and what did I do?


Yeah there is a story behind that. The Maybelline Fit me! Matte+Poreless makeup was an unexpected purchase…well, all of it was. You see I went in Wal-Mart to get floss. Yes, just floss. My mother needed foundation because she was out. She bought her foundation Long after I bought mine but she does wear makeup a lot more than I do so I guess I get it. I still had the previous foundation, the one I said I thought looked darker on me than it did before. Anyway, I heard such great things about Maybelline, though I had never used their foundation, I decided to give it a try.

I can say I think this color looks great on me. It seems to blend just fine. It’s my first day wearing it so I will have to see how my skin reacts to it, but I am okay with it so far. No; I am not taking a picture as I have some hot rollers in sections of my hair to make the curl take better in certain sections.

The lipstick and elf brush were a Dollar Tree purchase. I looked at the lipstick after my “not buying makeup” claim and I left it there because I wasn’t buying makeup. But this time, since I had already bought makeup I figured why not get more. It’s like breaking a diet with a cookie and then deciding to eat the whole box since you broke the diet in the first place ;).

I would say I’m done, but I just realized the lipstick I like to use needs to be replaced because the gloss is almost gone and they are a paired product. So I will get that next time I’m at the Dollar Tree, but that’s it…seriously, I am so not going to…well, I did see a liner I’d like to try too.

I should go through my case and get rid of everything I haven’t used in a few years no matter how full it still is. I should also start wearing makeup more otherwise most of this stuff is going to rot in the cabinet.

211 Days


I finished Irish studies on Duolingo in 211 days. It could have been less but I went for the lower goal set. Most days I went above but there were some days when I really couldn’t practice for longer. 211 days and now I can just go back in and practice the ones I want and the ones I need to try to understand more completely while adding in a different study set that I found online. But now that I’m getting ready to add something very important to my life I’m going to have to really set a stable to-do list that doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room.

I’m almost finished with my knitting project and it is my hopes to finish it today but at least by Saturday if I don’t. Stories need to be written and food needs to be cooked, plus I need to catch up on some of the blogs I subscribe to. Since I’m logged in I will check out the blogs but then  I am going to move on to yet another task–preferably one off the computer for now.

Have a great rest of day you all.