Friday Dish: The Best Time


The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes. ~ Agatha Christie

I don’t know if that’s the best time but I do know that it seems when I am busy with something else a lot of ideas come to me. Like even a couple days ago I was running the dishwater when a scene for one of the stories I’m working on came to me. So yeah, maybe Agatha Christie had something on the dishes thing.

Perhaps it is just that it is better to take a break from sitting at the typewriter, computer or the desk with the pen and paper and just do something else. I find that stepping away sometimes inspires new characters and sometimes it even gets me a little more involved with the story I’m currently working on.

The dishes have to be done, food has to be cooked and life has to be lived. Stepping away from writing for a little while is inevitable. So step away sometimes and see where your imagination leads you.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.

The Updated Garden


Gardening is a lot of work but seeing fresh flowers growing in the yard is worth the work. Sometimes I like to take a break from working just to go outside and see what’s new, what’s old, and what is still undeniably beautiful. Here’s a look at a few of the flowers in the garden so far.

IMG_3194-web  IMG_3204-web IMG_3226-web IMG_3235-web

Back to work I go. This story is not going to write itself. Have a great rest of day you all :).

Wednesdays with the Arts: Weekend Reading

reading-498103_1280 (2)

It’s rare now days that I have time to really sit down and read. But I am trying to listen to one of my other doctors and spend a little less time on the computer. My eyes need a break. So I revisited one book that I read a little while ago and read a new author too.

Both books are more in the suspense romance category with one being IR and one not IR. Here’s what I thought.

            Midnight Man by Lisa Marie Rice

This is Book 1 which I didn’t know when I first started reading it. I got this one free but I will say it was good. Yes, the story wraps up so you’re not left hanging on a cliff for an ending to this story.

The leading man is hard edge for sure. He’s one of those guys that the leading lady feels a hint of fear when he looks at her because it’s pure animal. He’s the man she doesn’t really know, the guy she’s getting ready to possibly lease a space in her building to, but he’s also the man who goes into dangerous situations and comes out with…hmm…a need for something a totally different kind of dangerous.

When the leading lady finds herself in danger this is the only man who can keep her alive.

So I like the manly man part, the leading lady was a mix of annoying yet readable, and the story itself kept me interested and turning the digital pages.

The Art of Deception by Netherland St. James

The leading man is a Russian-American SWAT guy. He’s also hard edged. He does what he does and he likes people who can follow orders when he’s trying to save their life. Unfortunately for him the leading lady is a brat. She’s really a brat and I didn’t like her much at first, but I do like the way the character was built, how she develops and how the mystery of her past that has shaped her present and nearly sealed her future is woven between the sheets.

The chemistry is buildable, the leading man is likable, the story is easy to get into, read, and not put the book down until finished.

Next time I get downtime for reading I might see what Rochelle Alers has out now. It’s been a while since I read any of her books.

Makeup Oh Makeup


I know this is the second post of the day but I was bored, tired of knitting and tired of wondering if I made a mistake on my project. I don’t know why I’m wondering that because I don’t think I did, but since I am wondering I thought it best if I stop for now. I have done all the writing I am planning to do today and I thought why not share Tuesday’s post on Monday?

I’m sharing makeup video links. There are so many different looks to try out and YouTube seems to have a lot of adventurous makeup videos to sort through.

My favorite Michelle Phan video is Spanish Rose. I don’t have the exact makeup colors she has but I do have colors that go very well with this look so I have done a modified version of this one more than once. I mix things up to fit me so some tips and tricks I don’t use while others I do. I think that’s the great thing about these videos—you can always modify the suggestions to fit your needs. If you want brighter colors, use them. If you want less color, then do less building of the color. It’s that easy.

Jackie Aina ~ Makeup Game on Point – not that I have a favorite of hers right now but this one is pretty good if you’re going to go purple.

I never thought I would favor purple until I did my own creation using the ColourPop products I have.

Her Black History month videos have some retro inspired styles that some of you might be interested in trying out.

Glamtwinz334 – 90s Grunge Inspired Makeup – not something I would probably try but somebody here might be interested in that video or other videos that they have as well. They have hair videos too if you are looking for that.

Right now, by way of makeup, I can’t really think of any others that I watch frequently so I guess that’s all I have to share for now. If you have some you love please leave it in the comments below.

Monday Musings: The Truth About Humans


This doesn’t just happen in NY, but this group, along with others, are working on outing street harassers and trying to help women stay safe. Not that it would be any better if this were just happening in one city, or one country, but the fact that it’s global is a striking reminder that some humans are pure evil.

Some people don’t care. Some men don’t worry because it’s not likely to happen to them. But for every woman who is afraid of street harassment that is another human being that impacts another.

Personally, I am severely cautious of where I go, what times of day. You invited me to an event at night? Nope, I won’t be there—especially not alone. And since I have very few art lovers in my circle that means no nighttime art show openings.

If a neighborhood doesn’t feel safe I’m not shopping there. That hurts businesses, employees, everybody. Many women (and many people in general) prefer to go where they can feel safe.

         What sparked my attention to this?

Of course I have been on the receiving end here and there but I was always with somebody I felt safe with so I didn’t fear for my safety back then. But this video here, that has some people supportive of the female victim and others trashing her, kind of set my mind to working on this.

I’m not a go out at night person, as I have stated. At 3 a.m. I’m up and working from home. My workout is already done and so is my shower, and I’m working. When I have been on vacation I wasn’t out at that time either. But that doesn’t mean I can’t understand her fear. If a man, day or night, were following me around I would feel afraid too. Heck, if anybody male or female had been following me around it would freak me out.

I think the young lady going inside a store, into a well-lit area was a good thing. Know your surroundings. If you are on vacation and don’t know the area find the first well-lit, well populated, store or place you can go. While I know cops are not the most trust worthy now days it might be good to see if there are any patrol men/women who can assist you. Or, if you see a station go inside. Cops are supposed to protect and serve right?

If you feel afraid don’t just chalk it up to being paranoid. Listen to your inner self and make sure you find a safe area. If you’re in a store tell a manager and they can alert store security. You only get one life to live so make sure you do the best you can to keep yourself safe, unharmed, and alive.

Fly on the Wall Sunday: First Look at the Upcoming Book

I have been talking life, makeup, fitness and everything else so right now I’m going to get back on track for the Fly on the Wall Sunday post and give you all a first look at the next book for the Capri Montgomery line of books.


This book stands alone so it’s not in a series. It’s darker but still a really good read.

Right now the tentative release date is in the vicinity of May. I will know more soon. But this is the final cover for Red Noon. I’ll share a look behind the cover at a later date.

Video Share

I was going to take today off in preparation for tomorrow’s Fly on the Wall Sunday. I don’t blog every day but I have been blogging a little more lately.

Anyway, I saw this video (it’s kind of long) and I thought I would share. She has some good tips on making your self confidence better and loving who you are and what you look like without comparing yourself to everybody else. If you have time, check it out. Maybe you’ll take something useful from it.