Inner Sanctuary


I know I’m not on here much anymore. There is so much going on, but I am over on the other blog so you might spot me over there a few days a week. So far in the past couple posts I have talked about hair growth, and keeping one’s inner sanctuary healthy.

I have been making some DIY facial products and stuff for my hair too so I will most likely share over there. Things are just still coming together on the home-front so I haven’t been able to put everything back where it needs to go right now. I cannot get to my makeup so I haven’t tried out any of the newer products yet. I’ll more than likely get to it…probably later next month because I have a thing next month. I won’t say more about it now. Loose lips and all that old saying stuff ;) but I’ll dish when things are finalized.

Strike-Force-webFor those interested in my writings I can only say that I have books that are done, and almost done with the editor so I know they are near ready I just don’t know for sure when, or if, I will release them. I think Strike Force might find release late next month or early September…or something like that. I’m not sure yet. It’s the shorter one so I may put it out after one of the others.

Anyway, I hope all is well with all of you. Have a great week.

Stay Happy

Fly on the Wall Sunday: Messy Movings

IMG_3932Things are a mess right now, but not in my room. My room feels kind of empty since most of my stuff is in the back right now. I’ll have to move all of that stuff back in here once I can, but for now everything I need other than school stuff is now lost in clutter. Yeah, I know where the makeup is, but getting to it is a different story.

While waiting to take care of a few things I can say that I have 3 more weeks left in this class that I’m taking. Yes, I’m counting down because once I finish this class there are only 9 more to go until I am so thankfully out of school. Yeah, my next set of classes are in twos so if I thought I was busy this time I am sure I will feel maxed out on energy levels when the next two classes start. I can’t wait until they’re over because then there is only one more non-important class before I can start taking my major–which is what I actually wanted to go back to school for in the first place.

I think colleges make people take courses that have nothing to do with what they want to learn simply to make money. I really do because so far the current class has nothing to do with my major yet I have to take it and pay for it. I would say it’s a highly skilled way of ripping people off.

I am still writing. I am still working on other projects and I am moving ahead with goals. I’m tired and definitely have regrets about going back to school, but I am trying to see the bright side of things and not just the “why, oh why” part. Once I’m done with school I think things will be better–minus the student loans that is ;). I will have more options, which will be great because more options puts me one step closer to my ultimate goal.


Wednesdays with the Arts: Waiting and Writing


This semester of school is still ongoing so I am working hard on the next paper due soon. It’s pretty much done but I want to make it better. It’s just like writing a book only boring ;).

While I’m talking book writing, I am still writing though I don’t write for as many hours a day as I used to. I woke up this morning trying to remind myself not to stress about a certain something because there is nothing I can do about it until I have all the pertinent information. In my effort to avoid stressing I balanced my checkbook, researched something I’m planning to work on and then did a little writing on one of my current works in progress. Writing actually calms my nerves I think because it takes my mind off the things I cannot fix or change at the moment.

Overall I’m glad we’re almost to August because August is one month closer to my ultimate goal.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week.

Fly on the Wall Sunday: Silence is Mysteriously Golden

search-454461_1280 (2)

I have heard people say it is best not to tell people what you are planning to do because there are those who will try to make you believe you cannot do it. I think that is true.

When I wore my rose tinted glasses the world seemed full of hope. I thought for sure, while we couldn’t make it perfect, we could make it better. But those rose tinted glasses came off years ago layer by layer until one day those glasses were completely removed. Now I see the world for what it is, and humans for what they are and while I miss the rose tint I also think it was something I needed to lose.

It’s nice to go through life believing in the rose tint but dreaming while awake does not a reality make.

So I am in silent mode right now. There is so much I am working toward and so much I am choosing to keep silent until I make it happen. Besides finding out that people can’t try to talk me out of what they don’t know I’m trying to do, I have also found that less time explaining leaves more time for executing my plan and getting something done. It’s invigorating and possibly life altering, but one thing is for sure, silently working toward a goal puts me one step closer to making it happen.

Goals Met Year-to-Date:

Keep Writing

Keep Playing Cello

Go Back to School

Wednesdays with the Arts: I Try. I Fail. What Else Is New?

Soft as a Rose

I avoid large gatherings for a reason, but not usually this reason. My mom had to attend a three day large gathering, and now she’s majorly sick. This isn’t just a cough and a sniffle here or there; this is get away from me before I get you sick. She’s protective of me no matter my age. She’s sick so she’s avoiding me. That sucks as I was working so hard to get ahead with my schoolwork so we could spend a little more time together this week. I try; I fail; what else is new? :(

Anyway, I have made some decisions about writing but I cannot really go on the record until it is cast in stone so to speak. I’ll update when I can.

I went in search of information on one thing and ended up on a site about design…strange as Internet searches go this had nothing to do with what I was looking for but I’m glad I found it. The major thing that stuck out was this—Clear the clutter and simplify.

I am always trying to get rid of things I haven’t worn in over a decade but every time I put it on the pile I pull it off again. Hey, I might need that shirt one day. Yeah, you would think I was born during the Great Depression or something but letting go is hard for me. So I am going to try again. I said “try” not that I was going to be able to do it. But if I do it right I could make more room in the closet and the drawers.

I also need to shred some papers, and de-clutter my computer files. Stories I haven’t worked on, have no intention of publishing, or no intention of finishing right now I want to wipe off the computer. I can save them on a flash drive and always go back to them if I ever remember I want to write them. Or I guess I should say if I ever feel like going through all of my storage to look for them. Fortunately my schoolwork is going on a dedicated drive so I won’t have to sort through files and pictures to find anything for that.

Why do I keep so many pictures? I don’t know. I really should delete them. I don’t go back to look at them. But much like my life I have a hard time letting go when sometimes I really should.

Fly on the Wall Sunday: Books, Life, Countdowns


Strike-Force-webI’ll start with the Books section. I would like to thank those of you who took the time to write a review for my books. I know it takes time away from your day and I appreciate your telling me what you liked. By way of books I do have Strike Force which I hoped to have out sometime this month, but it may be next month. I don’t know yet. I have written books and never released them so I shall see what happens there.

I have two other books currently in progress. I plan to finish the one that is currently a little longer. Both books will fit in a series but not the same series.

The Life portion of the blog has me thinking and trying to figure some things out. School keeps me busy but it’s not that; I just don’t have a desire to live in fictional worlds some days. It’s not that the movies aren’t playing in my head because they are. Last night’s dream would make a great book; I’m just not in the mood to write it.

I plan to get back on schedule come Monday. I’m taking today off…kind of anyway. I already got my cleaning in before 3 in the morning so that’s one thing checked off my mental to-do list. Knitting is off the list today due to some pain.

By way of Countdowns…well, happily so, I am counting down until I finish school. I want out with haste but have decided instead of counting the months until I am out of this thing called school I will count the classes. Yes, another countdown but this one is keeping me motivated so I’ll hold on to it.

Makeup Tuesday: Gloss

When I decided to buy this product it was because I liked the color and the name–Ravish Raspberry (Milani) . I saw a blush I liked too but decided against buying it as neither of these things were in my budget.

The mistake I made was thinking this was one of those liquid lipsticks. It’s not a lipstick; it’s a gloss. Yes, that is clear as a cloudless day right there on the back of the packaging but I missed it because I only looked at the front of the package.

Lip Gloss

It’s not that I don’t like this gloss because I do. It is very noticeable on the lips much like a lipstick would be but it’s a gloss and I didn’t need a gloss. Oh well, it can be worn on its own. I have not tried it over a lipstick yet but I will just to see what happens. That’s one great thing about makeup–you can play with it and create your own work of art.

I am wondering what the blush would have looked like on me. I liked the name on that one too and if ever I am in the makeup section for my mom again I just might splurge. I really only have two blushes, one that I don’t really use and the other is the Colour Pop one that I mentioned before. My mom did ask me why I buy makeup when I don’t really wear it. You know, I don’t know. It’s kind of like me buying jewelry when I don’t wear that often either. It’s pretty; I buy it and I put it away. It will be there if ever I want to wear it.