Wednesdays with the Arts: Reasons to Avoid Certain Stores

Hmm…I went to Dollar Tree for one thing and left with everything but the one thing. I only actually needed one of the things I left with too…okay two of the things but one of those I could have gotten for less at another store on the other side of town. If I factor in loss of gas the extra dime I spent at this store isn’t all that bad actually.

However, reasons I should stay out of Dollar Tree include my “it’s only a dollar” little devil on my shoulder. I can be happy that I didn’t buy one unhealthy snack this time but I contribute that to not going to the store with my mother by my side. She goes for the candy aisle while I tend to gravitate toward the makeup aisle. Yes…you have probably figured it out by now but here it is–the main reason I should stay out of Dollar Tree includes makeup arts.

Store Run

  • The eyeshadow was actually the only one in that color that I saw there. Those are colors I can definitely have fun with because I like the darker colors when playing with looks for my eye makeup.
  • The liner…yeah, I didn’t need either of those. One is “very black,” and the other is “darkest brown.”
  • The wedges I did kind of need since I’m out but using my fingers to blend the foundation worked out very well last time I did it–just very messy.
  • The lipstick…yeah, I didn’t need that either.

Basically, keep me away from the makeup section in the Dollar Tree because I will always see something that I don’t need but figure it might be fun to try one day, buy it and add it to the pile of makeup I really didn’t need and really never use.

On the bright side, I am so going to play with that shadow the next time I feel like doing my makeup.

Tuesday Updates

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I know I have been away for a little while. School started for me so trying to work all of the study and writing in with other responsibilities has meant less time dreaming up blog posts for this blog. The I Did It My Way blog will still have fairly consistent postings since it is focused on health, beauty and fashion. This blog (the Capri Montgomery blog) has a broad range of stuff so I will still blog here but I don’t have a lot to talk about right now. I have writing projects finished and on the way so I will talk about some of those next month. Makeup posts are few because I don’t wear it often so I don’t have any pictures to update things here, but July is a new month so I might have a couple things in July. We shall see.

For now, on the other blog I have the post Working Out Stereotypes up talking about fitness, natural hair, relaxed hair and the fact that black women do workout. So if you’re into workouts and fitness or anything like it please come by and let me know if you workout regularly, if you do what do you do, and do you let your hair (natural or relaxed) dictate how often and how hard you can workout. Honestly, some of the things I have heard over the past two years I never heard outside of the Internet.

Monday Musings: Sale Update

Watch Over Me Cover

I meant to come by earlier but I went outside to mow the lawn in the backyard. Mowing the lawn led to pulling weeds, edging the best I could and other work I did not plan for this morning. What should have taken a little over an hour took over five hours. I am so tired right now.

Anyway, I did promise to update once I knew the books were at the lower sale price on Amazon. Both books are showing in the countdown sale.

Watch Over Me:

The Dream Stalker:

Dream WalkerI would have done Dream Walker too but it didn’t cost enough to put through Amazon’s Countdown sale thing. Both of these are older books but if you haven’t read them yet they’ll be in the countdown sale for just a few more days.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody.

Fly on the Wall Sunday: The Thing About Writing

I turned on my recorder to listen to the notes I dictated a little while ago. As a writer and a dreamer things just come to me no matter where I am and what I’m doing so that recorder really helps.

This particular one that I listened to I could tell exactly what I was doing—jogging in my room. Yep, I can hear every effort to dictate while jogging and I have to say I did really well…but it is kind of funny. Down two more dictations and there I am at it again, but I don’t think I was jogging. I think I was probably in plank pose for yoga.

The good news is, I’m in shape enough to dictate while working out. The bad news…well, I’m always dreaming of new stories and I think my recorder is going to one day be overloaded with dictations, cello practice recordings and legal recordings. Yep…I think I’m going to need to get another recorder soon.

Monday a couple of my older books should be significantly on sale on Amazon so I will post again tomorrow to remind you all in case you don’t have them and would like to read them. They are older but if you don’t have them already it will be a really good deal during the countdown sale. They should be discounted Monday by 8:00 a.m. EST. I’ll update tomorrow with direct links.

Friday Dish: Countdowns Suck


I am counting down for a couple things right now–the start of school and a certain thing I have been working toward since last year. I have decided countdowns suck. Seriously, they suck. The closer I get the more I wish it was already here. It’s like emotional torture. Emotional Torture–Dramatized? Maybe a little, but it is torture when you look at the calendar and realize it’s still not here yet. It? It is that date with the nice circle around the number, or the bass clef heart adorning the date.

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In an effort to distract myself from counting down, from worrying about things I have absolutely no control over, I have found myself thinking of old movies and possible remakes. I have decided it is probably best not to remake it because seriously, remakes usually get messed up big time. Of course I found myself thinking how cool it would be if they remade The Blob (that movie made me fear yeast breads for a long time but I’ll get to that some other time–maybe) and while thinking of a remake I thought how great it would be if there were a BWAM (Black woman Asian man) lead.

When I first started writing I never thought of it as IRR or anything like that. I just wrote the way I saw the world of diverse ethnic backgrounds. But now I know what I write is considered to be IRR and Multicultural stories. I find myself thinking of the matches I see. And since all of my books start as movies in my head it lead me to thinking of movies. While dabbling on YouTube I found several videos of young women suggesting BWAM (coupled or almost coupled) movies to watch. But there weren’t that many and a lot of them really colored outside the lines. That is they hinted at a romantic interest but never once sealed it with a kiss, or anything close to it.

There are a lot of theories on it I guess but I have not gone looking for them. You see I read the news the other day and it depressed me even more than it usually does so I thought I should stay away from theories for now. The news sometimes depresses me a lot–which is why I have cut down to about once a week news readings. I think I should shorten it to once a year. What difference does it make really? If I read it today or don’t read it until next year the same things will still be going on. Somebody will have shot somebody, chopped somebodies head off, blown up a building, burnt down a forest, or something else stupid and highly inhuman. So yeah, my dad says I have to stay abreast of things going on but I don’t get it really. Life is like one big soap opera on crack. Today, tomorrow or ten years from now the same crap will still be happening.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.

Monday Musings: A New Journey


I write. Out of all the things in my life I can say writing is the thing I have done longest. From poetry to short stories, from short plays to songs, from mystery to suspense romance, writing has been in my life for a long time. I love writing. While I do not always like the world of publishing I can’t imagine ever not writing.

But as with all things in life there are numerous paths to walk and one must sometimes choose to journey down the road paved with rocks and covered with a gloomy cloud of fear.


Going back to school, for me, has been a hard choice to make. I have been thinking about it since moving here but I found myself thinking of the financial drain and all of the what ifs. Deciding to return, thanks to words my dad said to me, feels like the right decision. Am I still afraid of the financial drain? Yes. But I made the right choice.

So as the 29th of June comes closer and closer I am forging ahead. Ironically, deciding to go back to school has opened up so many other opportunities for me, so many goals that are reachable and that I have the courage to strive for even though it is possible they won’t work out exactly as planned. Sometimes I think the what ifs can kill you, but maybe sometimes the what ifs can set you free.

Long live the what ifs because they are filled with paths decorated with mysterious boxes that might just hold the perfect what if.

Missed It

The Cost of Love electronic copyI know I missed Friday Dish. I thought about it but I was really busy. With school starting in just a little over two weeks and writing stuff to attend to I have been in a mad-dash working spree. Add in the knitting for the new store idea and I am totally swamped. I’m going to be like Anya…only not ;).

Anyway, I did finish the edits that I needed to do so I need to pass the books onward to my editor. The covers are done…several of the same cover that makes me have to decide which one to use :). Yeah, it’s all in just a shift of the title positioning.

This upcoming week is all about writing the stories. I need to work on the third book in a series. It is the last book (that I know of) in that series so I would like to finish it. I also need to work on a book I started a little while ago, get to work on my idea for a return to a certain place, and I also would like to work on a story that I have waiting in the waiting room. That’s not even talking about my sci-fi series I really need to work on. When a story is hot in my head it just goes, but the moment something else takes over stories get pushed to the back. I need to pull some of them back up front and finish them. It’s only fair not to keep the characters waiting in the waiting room. But not today. Today I have to mow the lawn :(.

Have a great weekend you all.