Wednesdays with the Arts: Adventures in Garden Land

Today is my first “me” day in a really long time. Am I going on some great adventure? Am I traveling the globe in search of buried treasures? No and no. I am going to take care of business. Yeah, my “me” day is so not what I thought it would be but at least I’ll have some time alone for the day.

rose-for-webWill I garden today? I don’t think so. I have done my makeup and my hair and put on my favorite of my jumpers (my only jumper by the way) and with my heels ready to go walking there is no way I’m getting in the dirt in this outfit. However, I did get some pictures of the roses in bloom yesterday and the day before that I realized all the bell peppers seem to be doing okay and are surviving the last of winter so I’m happy with the garden…but…

hibiscus-webI kind of want to add another flower to the front yard so while I am off taking care of business I am going to see what bulbs I might want to plant in that there garden one day. On the other hand I should probably just plant a yard of bell peppers seeing as thought I use them a lot.

Have a great Wednesday you all.


Monday Musings: Where is the Cake?

I was going to make cake today but sewing kind of took up a lot of my time. This current dress is taking so long and it is so frustrating too. I hope it will be done soon and I am not sure I will continue with the design changes I wanted to make because I am so tired of working on this thing right now. I shall see how I feel whenever I finish this project.

Since I missed making the cake today I will make it tomorrow. I did, however, finally get online and I saw that B&N has Kill List available. Since I stated that I would post the link once I had it here is the link to Kill List. If you have any questions on the book that you would like me to discuss on the YouTube channel please let me know and I will see if I can work them in there.

Have a happy March you all.

Kill List Cover

Fly on the Wall Sunday: Kill List

Welcome to March.

As some of you already know Kill List is officially available today. Some of you may already have it due to pre-order but those of you who don’t you can find it on Amazon right now. It should be available on B&N soon, and if you want it in print check out Lulu because you can get it there.

Kill List CoverWith help from the Witness Protection Special Conditions unit this Marine is calling in old favors and bringing in his team of elite military men to get justice for his sister’s murder while keeping the woman he loves alive. When a simple killer takes on more sinister shades of darkness can this Marine pull this mission off with success, or will the man he’s prepping to go to war with add another kill to his list.

Kill List is a multicultural suspense romance with steam.

Small Excerpt:

Get a couple officers over here to clean it up, dump her body somewhere else, and make this go away like you’re paid to do. I’m pulling out. My work isn’t done and I can’t afford to have this cover blown. Get rid of it.”

She heard the closing of what she would call a flip phone cover. The man had just called Amber an “it?” That dirty bastard! She wanted to hurt him but common sense prevailed. No way was she going out there. No way was she going to get herself killed. She was going to make sure Amber’s parents knew the truth. She was going to make sure they got justice. But how was she going to do that if the cops were dirty too? He had told whoever he was talking with to get a couple officers over to clean up the body, and those words alone told her the cops were not friend, they were foe.

She waited, listening as the door closed and then waited for a hundred breaths longer.

Available Now On:


Lulu (print)

Should be up very soon on Barnes and Noble. I’ll post the link once I have it.

Waking Up From Dream Land

Waking up this morning I started thinking about the dress I’m working on. Things changed while working on it yesterday and I went to bed kind of unsure what I was going to do to bring my original idea back to some kind of life. Well, going to bed can sometimes lead to waking up refreshed and ready to kick start the project with fresh ideas that seem to come together almost perfectly–in my head at least.

The next few weeks are going to be hugely busy for me with artistic pursuits, new book releases and life changes in general. Since the weather ruined my idea to get some new flower bulbs planted today I guess I’m going to have to go into the sewing room and get back to work on my next masterpiece…or at least I hope I’ll still love it when I’m finished with it.

March 1, 2015 Release

Kill List CoverCleaning has never been this lethal. When two maids at one of the most elite NY City hotels discover a heinous criminal that costs one of them their life can Special Forces Marine Chogan Harjo keep the woman of his heart alive while catching his sister’s killer?

Pre-Order Kill List on Amazon here.

Wednesdays with the Arts: Complicated

It feels like my art endeavors take longer and longer to finish. Other than the basics of being busier I couldn’t figure out why my mother has finished two projects that she started well after my one project currently on my far too small sewing table. I mentioned this to my mother and she said, “I make simple things and you make complicated things.” Of course being me I heard one thing and my mind rushed to, “did she just say I make things complicated?” Fortunately the sane part of my brain told me to calm down and just ask what she meant instead of jumping into the deep end and getting sucked down the whirlpool of unnecessary defense tactics. She explained to me that she was only making a skirt and a wrap while I am making a more elaborate dress.

I thought more about her words and I realized she’s right. I complicate every pattern I think I’m going to make, every design idea I have in mind. It’s not just sewing, I do it with knitting. I do it with gardening. I do it with interior decorating. I do it with cooking. I do it with everything. But you know, that’s just me and my complicated artistic thought process really does lead to some beautiful finished projects. I also realized her words weren’t an insult. Her words were a recognition that I dream big, work hard, and eventually, even with some failures and far removed from original idea results I am an artist with vision and heart. I wouldn’t be the me that is me if I were any other way.

Monday Musings: Questioning Old Ideas

IMG_1222Lately I have been wondering why people try to insult and shame people into submission by comparing them to weeds. One thing I have noticed is that when everything else dies the weeds just either survive or come back stronger. Nothing seems to totally destroy them. I don’t see how being compared to one as if that means the person is weak and going to die because they’re two steps removed from glory is really fitting. On the other hand, if they’re as annoying to people as weeds are to gardeners then that’s a really bad thing.

And Then There Was Tea–A Short Short

And Then There Was Tea


The china was always pristine, delicately placed away and rarely ever used unless somebody important was coming over. But today she had set it out. Jack Forester looked at the sweetness of the blanket with elegant tea coverings and a card left just for him.

He shook his head. She was always spelling things wrong, always using the wrong words. He could only assume she meant Drink and Be Merry.

He tossed the card on the floor. His wife surely was getting into some strange cultural shifts lately. He would only guess tea on the floor was her way of doing some kind of Asian thing. Oh no, he couldn’t say that. She was a PC kind of woman who didn’t like anything that seemed off putting to anybody. While he believed in a lot of stereotypes she didn’t believe in any of them.

“Judge a person not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” she would always say putting her own flare to Dr. King’s words. Yeah, maybe there was some truth to that but he had seen a lot of true stereotypes…enough to know she broke the mold. As crazy as she was he loved her still. He was sure he loved her, but he sometimes needed a little more. What she didn’t know couldn’t hurt her at all.

Jack sat down on the floor and picked up the decanter. He poured the steaming water into his china cup with the far too triangular tea bag in it. He hoped this stuff didn’t cost a lot of money. By God couldn’t she just use a regular tea bag? Not that they were hurting for money or anything like that, but spending it on things they didn’t need wasn’t worth losing even a penny over.

He smelled the hint of orange and hibiscus. Well he would admit it smelled good to him. He put four of the cubes of sugar she had left there into the cup, stirred just enough to let it caress the waters, and then he took a sip.

Hmm, that was good, he thought as he continued to sip his tea. Maybe he should bring her a rose home or something. There was a bush just outside his office and he was sure his employer wouldn’t miss just one rose if he took it from the back of the perfectly shaped bush. Yes, he could do that he thought as he set his empty tea cup back down on the floor.

His eyes felt heavy. His pulse felt as if it were beating wildly.

She walked into the room; he didn’t even know she was home.

“So nice to see you drank my tea.” She moved the cup away from him. “I can’t have you breaking this,” she shook her head. “This china is older than me.”

His hand clutched his chest as if he was trying to pull out a knife stabbing through his veins.

“You should thank Mr. Sato. He brought some magical herbs back with him from his trip to South America. Very untraceable, very effective. You didn’t think I wouldn’t find out did you? You didn’t think I wouldn’t find her lipstick on your shirt collar? You had to know I would.”

He felt his chest squeezing, his breath hitching.

“To death us do part; I found out that’s the correct way the sentence should go. Mr. Sato told me that. He also told me since you had already parted on the contract we had that it was only fair to finalize things. To death us do part, Jack.” She stood over him and watched him as he fell backwards, as his eyes drifted shut. He would swear the last thing he heard was a voice. It was the voice of a man who had made him work so many late nights with his mistress—the voice of the man who had sent him to his grave. Mr. Lee Sato—the deal closer who had taken down major corporations across the global market had just closed another deal—death to Jack Forester, freedom to the Belle who had once so many years ago become his wife and now had become his widow.

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