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This isn’t Rome, but that’s okay. Your detour has brought you to the Capri Montgomery books page. There are many Capri Montgomery books out there and you can read about some of them here on this page as well as following the road paved with links to pages here on my blog featuring 2015 Standalone books, 2015 Books in a series, and of course the Books Gateway page.

This page features only a few of the Capri Montgomery book releases at a time. Series include, Men of Action, Special Ops, Shadow Hills, Adventures Through Time, and a few others. There are many non-series books as well. Books include suspense-romance, contemporary romance, science fiction with a hint of romance, and adventure themed books.

BBM (Big Bold Men) Line

Shadow Ridge Book Cover.Shadow Ridge

Miles Vanderbilt is good at many things. First and foremost he is a champion poker player, making his fortune with the win of the ultimate hand. Secondly, he’s a small town sheriff who doesn’t let his wealth stop him from doing the job he loves—protect and serve. So when he sees the very sexy, very classy, Bethany Tillman at one of the poker matches in his town he sets out to do what he’s so good at doing—seduce and win.

Can these two find love when family and friends aren’t so sure their motives for dating each other are pure?

Available Now


Barnes and Noble

Lulu (print BBM line book combo pack)

Adventures Through Time Series ~ Hydra

Hydra Book CoverA Roman warrior from the past. A writer from the future. Their common bond is that they’re the only humans trapped in a time and in a land where the monsters are bigger, stronger and faster. Will their fight for survival draw them together? Or will the distraction of a beautiful woman weaken this warrior’s fight?

Available on: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Non Series Book ~ The Funeral Planner

The Funeral Planner e-book cover.

Valeda Strong never planned on being a funeral planner. But when life throws her a curve, Valeda realizes any job is better than no job at all. When she takes on a contract to plan Global Tech-Cast funerals will this funeral planner find herself in need of a funeral planner of her own?

One tenacious funeral planner, one sexy Asian man, and a whole lot of trouble. Find out how it all comes together in The Funeral Planner.

Available Now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu.

Gifted Liaisons Series  ~ Dream Walker

Dream Walker

Daya Landers is over her head in trouble on her latest case. She’s convinced of her client’s guilt, trapped by rules of law and in more danger than she knows. When a very sexy detective walks into her dreams, Daya is convinced her subconscious mind is trying to help her deal with the stress of her new murder case. What she doesn’t know is the man in her dreams isn’t just a figment of her imagination. Can Daya separate reality from fiction in time to save her life and send a murderer to jail?

Available On: Amazon




  1. will you please release one book that has all the “Men of Action” series in the order you wrote them in. I would DEFINITELY be one of your many fans to purshase that book. Please consider it.

    • Hi Laura. Thanks for contacting me. The Men of Action series has longer books and by the time the series is over there will be about sixteen books in the series, so I don’t have any plans to put them all in one collection. I do like the idea, but I think I should leave these individual.

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