2015 Stand Alone Books

On this page you can find Capri Montgomery non series books that are currently available.

Available Now

Red_Noon_new-webRed Noon ~ A sweepingly dramatic suspense romance that will leave you breathless.

Two dangerous stalkers. One beautiful prey. A SWAT team on high alert and a few politicians who would move hell to make sure they come out on top. Can the odds fall in the favor of good, or will Karma get an honest woman confused with the wrong sins and get her killed?

Amazon   * Barnes and Noble   * Lulu


Strike Force – Lone Survivor:

Destination–unknown. Package–unknown. The only thing Octavian Mac Iomaire knows is that once this secretive government agency calls he goes without question. As the Ghost told him when he brought him in, there is no out of this group until death. Once under the Ghost’s control he would always be under his control. So as Octavian sits on a plane heading to an unknown destination to retrieve an unknown package the only thing Octavian knows is that this mission was at a beyond lethal status and he and his team might not come back breathing.

Amazon   * Barnes and Noble   * Lulu

For information on series books please see the 2015 Books in a Series page here on the blog.



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