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Welcome to the Author’s Closet. I am a writer, an artist, a cellist, and overall creative human being.

The cellist front coverThe world is not black and white and I don’t see a reason my fictional worlds must be written as such, so I write multicultural, interracial stories with suspense, love, science fiction and action. I write a range of genres including poetry, mystery, suspense romance, science fiction, contemporary women’s literature, and adventure stories.

Betrayal of the DoveMy Men of Action series along with other series and non series books are available legally on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble and in my Lulu Storefront. Please purchase legal copies keep them and read them. Your supporting me, and not the pirates, help me continue to write and publish the stories I love to share. Together we can explore worlds one book at a time.

If you like my books please leave a review and let others know about my books.

This blog will highlight my books as well as my other art ventures. Stay a while, and remember to like a post, leave a comment and follow my blog.

P.S. I do cover design and marketing material design too. If you’re looking for a cover design and/or marketing materials design please contact me.

2019 Update Suspense Romance Release

Suspense Romance ~ Code Black Security ~ Book 1

Hard Edge cover 2 color and pos changeNever threaten a man’s woman.

Ares Aseop lost his world because of one man’s threat on the woman in his heart he knew he loved. He never thought he would be dishonorably discharged and he never thought he would lose contact to the woman he couldn’t forget. When Code Black Security puts him over retired Lieutenant Colonel Calista Kate Strands protection saving her life means more than a paycheck to him. Can Ares figure out who is hunting her before the tangled web they both just got mixed up in lead them into a kill or be killed situation. Find out in Hard Edge

Hard Edge is on: Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Go get yopur copy now so you can wakeup on release day with it waiting for you to see it all come to life.

Happy Reading.

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover upload         Tequila Sunrise cover     devil's-lair


  1. Hi Capri,
    I’m a huge fan of your “Men of Action” series. Question…will Geneva and Drake have children? I’m not sure who will be your next couple, but I love how you enter twine the lives of all the characters. Thanks in advance for your response.


    • Thank you. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. There seem to be a lot of babies in the upcoming books, but Geneva and Drake haven’t joined parenthood yet. There are still more books for this series that I need to finish writing so there may be a baby in their future…but I’m not sure yet. The next book Vendetta is out in April and it focuses on the team and revisits some of our previously visited couples. So we’ll get a chance to see what’s happened in their life since their individual books.

  2. HI Ms Montgomery

    HI I sent you a message to your haremnights acct. I just read VENDETTA IT WAS AEWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  3. Hey there.. I’ve just found your books. I was wondering what the reading order for the Men of Action series was. I can’t find a site that provides the list.

    • Hello :). The Men of Action series order is as follows:

      Book 1: The Admiral’s Daughter
      Book 2: The Geneva Project
      Book 3: The McGregor Affair
      Book 4: Saints and Sinners
      Book 5: Secrets and Lies
      Book 6: Fahrenheit
      Book 7: Seducing the Bodyguard
      Book 8: Vendetta
      Book 9: Betrayal of the Dove

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