Friday Night Romance–Another Look

Breaking the Rules–a Book Day

Breaking the Rules correct size

A little about Breaking the Rules and me.

            They made the rules so he could break them.

Marine Master Sergeant Christopher Albright climbed the ranks through dedicating the greater part of his adult life to fighting wars but now he’s the psychologist on base trying to help the men coming home bruised, broken and shattered. This is his life now and until he’s ordered to help the widow of a Marine to get through her heartache he never knew just how hard obeying the rules of a psychologist and a Marine could be.

I really liked the characters and a little bit of fact got mixed with a whole lot of fiction in this book too.

I think when I read my books again I realize there is a lot of me in there in some kind of way.

Christopher Albright has a bit of my psychology life in him except he went deeper and higher with psychology than I did with my stay in the world of psychology. Mora Norfolk has my love of art except she’s way better at drawing than I am. She does do what I very much wanted to do so she has the better of my art world dream.

So that is a little bit of fiction and reality fact right there. Do you think there’s more? Buy the book and you’ll see.

Breaking the Rules is out now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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