Friday Night Romance: Midnight Hour

Midnight Hour by [St. James, Netherland]What started off as a peaceful drive home after a midnight hour commissioned photography project turns into a deadly game of hide and seek when Meeka Barrymore unexpectedly finds herself on a killer’s hunting list.

When she meets Thomas Santiago, the highly skilled SEAL turned protector turns her wishful sense of normal into a run and hide ordeal. Can the instant attraction these two feel for each other survive the death grip of a mafia family crossing multiple states? Find out in Midnight Hour.

Available on Amazon And Barnes and Noble

The man who hired Thomas to watch over a woman unknowingly in deep trouble told Thomas Santiago that he knows SEALs and how they feel about women so not to drop his pants. Yes, he is a man who knows men but what Jacob doesn’t realize is that orders in this situation doesn’t mean anything to Thomas. Thomas tells him, “copy that,” because in his mind he doesn’t have to drop his pants to get inside the beauty on the paper. I think he doesn’t realize just how tough staying course while protecting this woman can be.

I like this story in this series, It is a standalone series so this book does have an ending.

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