Nutrition and Fitness

It’s Sunday. Yes I got the day right today :). I Know my Friday was really Thursday so I guess I was just wishing Thursday was Friday so I posted the Friday Night Romance blog..

At any rate today I was going to talk about a new fitness video I found this morning that can be done whenever so it is not a seven day challenge but I found a different video I watched and want to share first.

This video is on nutritional things you need to do to get the sculpted abs you crave. I can agree with them because once upon a time I cut junk food out of my diet completely and I saw a lot better progress on toning my abs and my body. I put the candy back in and before I reeally noticed I was buying more candy I really shouldn’t have been buying. Yeah…I should go cold turkey again and I’m working on it. Yes I am so craving peanut m&m’s and I am with hopes not buying any when I make the next grocery store run. I don’t think I will for me because I have a new cookbook to finish so I need to focus on picking up what I need to finish getting it together. It’s not as big as the Vegetarian’s Guide to Baking book but still with good meals and of course an additional recipe book will be out around the same time.


In the above link on the nutrition side of things I haven’t eaten white bread or rice in forever. I am a vegetarian so I don’t eat meat. I’m not into fast foods but I can always cook my own fries if I want so I am glad I don’t make that an every single day thing. I don’t drink pop/soda so that’s a good thing at least.

Overall I can agree that working out is great but it takes healthy eating to really hit all the goals in a healthy way. So eat healthy, workout and try to stay fit.

On Forward to Fitness

Okay this video is an arm workout.  This is my first time doing this one for Arms and I liked it so I am sharing.


I have not done this next listed video yet but it is a dancer abs workout that is about six minutes so you can add it in to switch up your ab workouts sometimes.

Stay Healthy

Capri Montgomery

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