Nutrition for Health


Of course I already know sugar is not healthy and a while ago I went cold turkey quit on candy. But I did add it back in some because I really love those m&m’s. but I thought maybe try not taking a medical mobility scooter ride to the store and getting healthy plus one unhealthy thing. I’m not planning to go today anyway.

But…yeah there is a but…

I added the sugar in for the ice tea that I have the herbal tea steeping to make. Then I read this How To Cut Down on Sugar And Reduce Belly Fat piece. Yeah I am still having my ice tea today. Wasting is not next to godliness—or so they say.

Of course I am going to try to cut any unhealthy glucose from my diet yet again. For the record honey is still glucose it’s just not as negatively processed as other sugars. Now I am not saying next time I get to the grocery store that I won’t want the candy but I am saying I hope I will resist candy and all unnecessary sweets.

I guess that means today is my last day of iced tea. I can drink it hot without sugar but I cannot drink it iced without sugar.

On other health news…


I came across this video for dropping belly fat. I did something else this morning so I’ll add this one before bed and kick off this seven say challenge instead of the other one. I am hoping to get back into educational programs to help with my career so I guess I have a mission—or two—and I am determined to meet them both. The course is dependent on if the scholarship is still there but I’ll see.

Stay Healthy

Capri Montgomery

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