What’s in a Name

If I had to pick favorite characters out of my 2017 books either published or in progress right now I would say I hate picking favorites but there is something about one that has a special place in my world.

I know some readers think every book an author writes has something to do with their life. Sometimes, for some writers, there might be a little truth to a whole lot of fiction while other times there may be a whole lot of truth to a smidgen of fiction. Sometimes it’s the little things and sometimes it’s nothing.

What’s In A Name?


For Collateral Damage, for me, the name meant everything. If you read the Building Worlds segment of the book you will get to know the meaning behind the leading man’s last name and what it means to me, and why I used it.

In Collateral Damage there was a little more truth to go with a whole lot of fiction. When reading the book could you figure out which parts were a little bit of my world and which parts weren’t, which characters shared a part of me and which ones might not have any place outside of fiction?

If you have read the book I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed building the world.


Capri Montgomery

Building Worlds One Book At A Time

Available Now on Amazon * Barnes and Noble * Create Space. Print and Ebook Format Options.



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