What’s in a Book?

Raphael Buonarroti has seen the dark side of humans but when a woman he knows shows up pleading for his help he has to decide if he wants to shave off a little bit of his ice and help her survive or just let her go it alone.

One of his quotes I like is when he realizes the leading lady might have a whole lot of spice in her but she’s up against too much for her to handle alone.

“…you’re too innocent to be in this much trouble.”

Collateral damage has gone through edits and now it’s just up to me to do one final structure check and then get everything uploaded so it should definitely be out sooner rather than later.

Hell's-Inferno-book-two-all-Gabriola-and-pos-change-WEBCollateral Damage

Can the man who broke her heart save her life?

Valora Martinique never expected to come face to face with the guy who broke her heart but when life gets complicated and not even the cops can protect her Valora is about to find out the one man she never thought she would see again is the only man she can go to for help.

Will the past cloud her judgment or will Valora realize even a man who broke her heart can save her life?

Coming Soon in e-book and print.



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