First Look of the Next Book

I’m excited because my print copy reached me so that means my proof reader has to have hers by now. I don’t know when she’ll get to it but seeing as though my proofing thus far has led me to a couple mistakes that I wanted to fix even though they could be well without fixing (except for one of them) I am sure she will find something too. Basically I am hoping for a May (at some point) release, but I’m not 100% sure yet of the exact date.

Here is the first look at the cover and the blurb too. I will post more inside look pieces soon.

Hell's-Inferno-book-two-all-Gabriola-and-pos-change-WEBCollateral Damage

Can the man who broke her heart save her life?

Valora Martinique never expected to come face to face with the guy who broke her heart but when life gets complicated and not even the cops can protect her Valora is about to find out the one man she never thought she would see again is the only man she can go to for help.

Will the past cloud her judgment or will Valora realize even a man who broke her heart can save her life?

Collateral Damage is book 2 in the Hell’s Inferno collection and it is also a standalone book. You will get an end so there aren’t any cliffhangers and there aren’t any returning characters from Fire and Ice so if you missed that one you won’t be lost when reading this one. But, if you haven’t read Fire and Ice please go buy it and read it.

Fire and Ice on Amazon fire-and-ice-print-front-cover-smaller-top-section-nook

Fire and Ice on Barnes and Noble

Fire and Ice on Create Space for print.





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