The Truth About Edits

I actually don’t like editing. I do it because it needs to be done but I really hate doing it. Why?

The short (not so short) answer is that once I finish writing a book I know how it ends and so the mystery is gone. I know what happened and I’m ready to move on to the next world I want to build.

So what does a writer do?

Let it go. Get over it. And Move on. Basically that’s code for “who cares if you want to start building the next world get off your butt and edit the one you just finished.”

Benefits to editing…

Not only can I make sure that I am putting a good work out there with as few mistakes as I can, but I sometimes find that I get more ideas for the story that would just fit in perfectly while I’m editing and other times I realize that something really doesn’t need to be in there so I can cut it out and tighten the scene better.

I do not edit the same way I used to and that’s good because I find that I have a better model now to work with and keep making better as I go. Everything changes and that includes writing and editing.

typewriter-801921_1280 (2)So what am I working on now that Fire and Ice is done and released for anybody to go buy and read? I’m editing Collateral Damage–that’s the second book in the Hell’s Inferno collection. All books are standalone so that definitely helps with the editing process.

I’ll tell you all more about Collateral Damage later. I’m stuck in Edit-Ville with it right now so I’ll wait before sharing snippets.

Please let me know if you would like an inside look of what in the book is a spawn of something in my life. Going back and looking over some of my earlier work I totally see some connections that are deeper than what I thought and in Collateral Damage there are definitely a couple things that are a part of me and my past—fictionalized with a dose of fact actually. But you won’t know about that until later I guess since the book isn’t out yet ;). After the book comes out and you read it, ask and I can do a Fact or Fiction post.

Fire and Ice is still available though so please check it out. Please leave a review too? You can hear my voice through my books but I cannot hear yours if you don’t leave a review.

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