Between the Covers

I seem to be over on the other blog talking everything but writing right now so I thought I would check in here with another inside look on Fire and Ice. This is my writing blog after all.

I know I mentioned the storm, and the Airman retired whose grandfather seems to step out of bounds but sometimes that’s a good thing. Here’s a look at what happens when Dane meets Roanna.


“I may be a photographer with her own studio but that doesn’t mean I have an Irish rainbow with a pot of gold in my backyard you know.”

“Oh, Ro. You’ve been so good to me that I’m going to help you. Dane’s back too and he’s going to get this place fixed up again at no charge to you.”

“I am?” Dane’s eyebrows rose. He said he was there to help but he didn’t say he was going to become a slave to a beautiful woman.

“Yeah, he’s good with his hands,” Keats looked at him and the look in his eyes and the deviousness of his voice told Dane he had been wrong. His grandfather wasn’t looking to bed this woman, not for himself anyway. He was looking to make Dane a married man. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t had this conversation before. Dane had just expertly avoided the marriage chatter anytime the conversation came up.

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