Draft Down

No; I am not talking drinking. I’m talking writing here. My first draft of the second book in the Hell’s Inferno collection has just officially been completed. Really—“just”. Like just before I decided to come here and blog to tell you all.

I’m excited. I was a little worried when all the other stories started popping up in my head; when life hit a little hard and more complicated and I thought take it to a book and build the world because maybe you can work through your anger, your frustration, your sadness and your feeling like aliens really should blow up Earth. Yeah…it’s been one of those weeks that I hated but it’s definitely fueling a story. If you can’t kill them with kindness–kill them in a book.

At any rate, I am happy that I just finished book two in this collection. I love my leading man–I think…he has issues. Who doesn’t? I’ll talk more about that after all edits and all drafts are closer to completion. This one is a standalone book too so you’ll get an ending just like in Fire and Ice (book 1 in the Hell’s Inferno collection).




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