When It’s Hot It’s Hot

The Thing About Knitting is that I have to do it no matter what’s in my head I sometimes have to force myself to put other things aside to do it.

The Thing About Writing is sometimes I have try to force myself not to drop everything to start writing. Today is kind of that day for me. When I was nearly finished with the book that just came out, Fire and Ice, I had ideas for the second book so I jotted down what the ideas were and the one line that I knew for sure needed to be in the book…a few other things too but I put it aside and worked on finishing Fire and Ice.

Now, while I work on book 2 in the Hell’s Inferno collection I find myself meeting a familiar path; I got a scene in mind for another book. I just had to write it down because there is no need to waste good scenes after all. I have all names needed for the book, the partial plot, and some of the other details but I was not supposed to write This book. This book was not in the cards…that I knew of anyway.Like all of my stories they just come to me. This one does not have a name for the title; I have not finalized the spelling of the name of one of my ladies in the book because I like both ways to spell it. I am trying to force myself not to go any further because I need to finish the other book and I am so close to finishing I can almost feel the ending knocking on my door. It’s like I know what still needs to come and I kind of know where it needs to go before the end, but I’m not there yet. So I want to focus on the current book before I lose focus and get wrapped in the next book clawing at my imagination and demanding the world from me.

So what’s next? Finish the novel I am close…so close…to finishing and then I can start on the other one while I do edits. Of course with the characters I have I need to move some of their details over to a page of their own but that will come later.

Oh, btw, I did a new cover and minor changes for When the Heart Breaks. I like this cover better. It should be coming in print to Amazon and Create Space soon. And of course it is still available in eBook on Amazon, B&N and Lulu.

New CoverWhen the Heart Breaks new ebook cover


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