Writing Breaks Make Smoke, Then Fire

I am so glad I’m back to writing more fiction and building those worlds that I just wake up thinking about. I like that the stories (so far anyway) are coming to me longer. There is so much to explore in these worlds and I’m having fun doing it. My latest guy…I’m not sure if I should love him or hate him, but the more I write, the more I want to write.

But I’ll talk about that more much later than now–it’s not even close to finished yet.

Today I’m going to give a look inside Fire and Ice that you won’t get to see in the sample. It’s a small look but it will give you an idea of just what Roanna Mayer thinks about Dane Johansen.



Dane Johansen is a military man with his own demons. His reconnection with home was his way of finding solitude, but when his grandfather volunteers him to fix Roanna Mayer’s home after the storm will the terror at home finish shredding his sanity or will this beautiful woman help reconnect him to the part of him he lost while in captivity? Find out in Fire and Ice—a standalone novel in the Hell’s Inferno collection

Behind the Cover

The man was a work of art—stone carved to perfection that could put even a Michelangelo art of marble brought to life to shame. “Wow,” she whispered near breathlessly as she watched him saunter up without a smile on his face. Something in his eyes was unreadable and she wondered just what he was thinking as she snapped yet another photo.

Even with the t-shirt he wore covering his body she could make out the carved muscles, the sculpted arms a woman would love to be wrapped in, protected, and shielded from the evils of the world all while being held against a solid stone wall of chest that would be as comforting as a heartbeat was to a baby lying against the heat of their mother or father’s chest while sleeping. “God, Dane, Michelangelo would have loved sculpting your body into marble.”

Fire and Ice ~ Available for pre-order on Amazon Now.


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