Cover First Look

I have been so busy with everything in life, especially editing. I have ten pages of edits left to go on this novel–yes, I know, “only ten pages” but when editing ten pages do not just happen swiftly. When I need a break I take it. After I get these edits done I have to run a spell check to catch whatever I missed, and one more round of edits from me before passing it on to my proof reader, then formatting  and that’s it.

Fire and Ice (part of the Hell’s Inferno collection) will be ready for release. This is a standalone novel–yes, it is a novel and not a novella. I consider this a collection because I do have other stories (one in progress) that have a similar psychological theme, to me, but the characters are not linked, nor is the plot, the city or any of that other stuff that would make it not be a standalone. So, no worries; you can buy one in this collection without worrying about not getting an ending.

Anyway…Enough chatter. Here is the first look at the cover for Fire and Ice. I will post more about this story in the coming weeks.




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