The Thing About Writing

Sometimes I think one of the secret gems in the world of writing is research. To delve into a deeper understanding of a city, an ancient being, an ideology or anything else just to make sure of the simpler things like the correct spelling or the exact location can lead a person on a journey that can both amaze them and seriously distract them all at the same time.

To go online to ensure the name is spelled correctly even when a story isn’t about the person your character is referencing in the story and then find that you’re studying about the person, where they were born, how they lived, how they became known as one of the greats in their field, is sometimes breathtakingly inspiring.

I like researching in general but I will say when I go down the research rabbit trail hole sometimes, like Alice, I end up lost for much longer than I planned to be. My adventure into the other world leaves a work in progress patiently sitting and waiting for me to return to finish building the world I started creating before I fell down the rabbit hole.

I think art is just one of those worlds that if you open your eyes and your mind you can see the beauty of the world instead of always seeing the destruction of it.

I am currently writing a story that has drawn me in and I am patiently going to build the world stone by stone until it gives me all of the parts it needs to be whole.

Have a great rest of month you all.

Capri Montgomery



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