Types…Fiction or Reality

I know I do not know every human on the face of this earth but I will say everybody has a type. It doesn’t mean that you’re stuck on a physical type though. Sometimes types are a mix of visual and inner makeup of a human being.

When I started the Big Bold Men line (BBM) I thought, ‘how am I going to have readers who love the six pack abs like these men?’ Honestly, my type, physically, is a man who is in shape, and likes to workout. I like to workout so I figure we can do that together. But what I found when writing Shadow Ridge is that the character was still the same wonderful man, just bigger. He was in relative shape and cared about his health but he wasn’t the GQ model character. I liked him so much I wanted to write another and so I wrote For the Love of Layla.

When I look outside the fictional worlds I create it’s pretty much the same. I like tall men. In my head I would say it falls in the “type” category yet all the real life men I have found an interest in have not been tall. A couple have been shorter than me. To put that in perspective for you, I am only 5 feet and 1/2 inch. Yeah, shorter than me is super short.

I also have found an interest in at least one real life guy who is in shape, for his job he has to be, but he is definitely not six pack ab in shape.

As nature would have it eventually everything goes south, waistlines get bigger, stomachs poochier, but the inner makeup of the person sometimes grows positively, not negatively. At the end of the day love is more than just the outer package.

I think one of the great things about fiction is being able to read a charcter that may not have the dark hair or raging muscles that you like and still be able to connect to the character and like him, root for him and see why the leading lady likes him.

Here’s hoping 2017 can be your year of growth, love and peace.


Capri Montgomery


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