Kicking Off 2017 with Art

Hello everybody. I hope if you are time zoned into 2017 that you had a safe transition to the new year. I know it’s still too young to know how the year will go but I sometimes think getting it started on the right foot is a good foundation to build on.

For me, I didn’t procrastinate. Saving December, my soon to be released fiction book, was ready and waiting for me to upload it this morning. I thought of waiting but figured there would never be a better time than that very minute. Of course it is the first fictional piece I have done in a while for release so I was unaware of Amazon doing their own print right there in the same place where I can upload my e-book. So my morning activity took a little longer than I planned because I decided to do print with Amazon. I hadn’t really decided to do it with Lulu or anybody else. I wasn’t sure I would do it, but I did and it honestly got me even more in the mood to finish one of my other WIPs.

My book, Saving December, is pending release in e-book and print. It should be out soon for both on Amazon, and for e-book on Barns and Noble.

saving-december-useSaving December

Capri Montgomery

Takao Ikeda is a man who knows security and protection; he should since he has built his rapidly rising business on it. When one protection detail guarding one of his father’s magazine models puts the woman he loves in danger he is fast out the door to get to her. When he learns the bullet may not have been meant for the model at all can he put the pieces together to save the woman he loves? Find out in Saving December.

I hope all of you have a really good week.

Capri Montgomery




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