Falling for the Bad Guy

Have you ever rooted for the bad guy in a movie even though you knew he was the bad guy? Have you ever fallen for the bad guy in real life?

From the superficial side of things I like that this guy is tall, nicely put together, dark hair, and the accent is a major draw–but–I think he’s the bad guy. I didn’t watch the show but I stumbled upon the clips of it online and totally liked the guy even though I think he’s the bad guy. On the other end of that the good guys might be the bad guys which means he’s not a bad guy–not really anyway.

Outside the superficial is his willingness to protect the woman he loves, to put his life on the line to keep her safe from the supposed good guys and despite his method of functioning he still comes off as a major “date him” type of man/character.

I think I’m turning into a hopeless romantic or something because fictional world or not I think you’re really not supposed to fall for the bad guy.

Currently I’m studying for school and trying to finish writing one of the stories I had started but I seriously just might have to build a fictional character who looks like this guy one day.

Happy December everybody.



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