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I am happy for the post cards my mother has designed even though it has this address for the blog. I am not on here as often but I do have updated information including an updated blog about my writing.

Capri Montgomery Books:

This one is all about the writing world, upcoming books, inside looks, the story behind the book and more. So come by that site for more frequent up to date Writer’s Life type posts and the fictional worlds that are sometimes built because of it. Inside looks include the behind the scenes posts, the deleted scenes posts and the inside the characters’ head posts.

Fashionably Capri:

This site has sewing and knitting tips along with information on new ties, jewelry, knitted projects and more. Currently the knitting tips are about various yarn joining methods and questions. A new tip will be up tomorrow.

So come by the two blogs and connect with me there. I will be in and out of here sporadically, but I tried to do the Capri Montgomery Books one to focus more on books, writing and related behind the scenes looks at this Writer’s Life and Work. And the Fashionably Capri one is to focus more on knitting and sewing tips, behind the products looks, updates on new products and things that inspire this sewing knitter’s work.


Capri Montgomery



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