Fictional Reality

I am still writing. I have another non fiction thing coming out soon, but I am also still writing fiction too. Busy is busy but with my state license test done I am getting back to some of the things that I really need to focus more on while still working on the next step toward my goals…and getting ready for more classes. I signed up for some things that will help me so I’m auditing, not taking for certification, which takes some of the pressure off there.

Anyway, writing is definitely something I love to do but I find that always when doing it something gives me ideas for another story. I started with one of the brothers not knowing I would do the others, but then decided to. The first brother’s story is in edits while the second (the youngest) brother’s story got started and while working on his story he gave me something that effects the third book (the oldest brother’s book) and I just had to write down what he gave me. Of course I didn’t stop with the basics and now I have both stories going while editing the first. That’s kind of my style I guess. It should keep things interesting while I hope, desperately so, that they do not give me details about their sister (not more than I already have) because I hadn’t planned to write her story.

The joy of writing is when the movies start to play in my head and words demand to be written. It makes writing that much more enjoyable for me because I truly feel the stories I am writing and love the mystery of the creation word by word.

I don’t have covers for any of the books mentioned here yet, but I’ll share once I do. I’ll talk about the book more soon…after I give info on the next non fiction work that should be out by end of month (sooner if the schedule permits me to get it uploaded because it is done other than that).


Capri Montgomery


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