Prelude to an Insult and other Updates

Prelude to an Insult is available on B&N and Amazon. The only thing being updated is the cover image that will be changed to the one below since the other one shows in my page but not in the store. Other than the cover the book is the same as it was when I uploaded it. So if you bought it already please know that the only change is the cover and any pages you may have already read will still be the same as I did not change them.

Prelude-to-an-Insult-stupid-amazon-left-other-cover-outOther Updates

I put the ending on another story I have been working on. Of course that is just a finished rough draft and while I did do some editing as I went this time it still needs more work before I take it out of 1st draft status and into the next draft status.

I like this book and am always amazed how a book that was meant to be one can create characters that make me want to explore them. Logan has two brothers and I just want to write stories for both of them. I can dive into their pain, their life dealing with others reactions to their injuries and really bring them out of the shell of just being Logan’s brothers.

Yes, I know I have other stories I need to finish. I am returning to Shadow Hills per request after all, and I still have other stories I want to finish sooner rather than later, but I must go where the characters take me and right now Logan’s brother (one of them anyway) is just shouting at me to write his story so I shall work on that as I know exactly where it starts…of course where it goes after that is still a mystery to me :).

Please, if you like Prelude to an Insult, leave a review. Many people tend to buy based on reviews and I can use the help spreading word about my work. Thanks.

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