#ScintillatingSunday The Affair

Sunday Blog pictureThis post is part of the Scintillating Sunday hop featuring eight paragraphs, sentences, or words. For me, I am sharing sentences from my book, The Affair.

The affair with title coverBlurb:

He married one; fell in lust with the other. One accident un-cages the passions he has been hiding and once the beast is unleashed he cannot contain it. Vows taken hold the chains around him, but SWAT sharpshooter Hank Jackson cannot be bound. Kara Malory is about to meet the match that is going to set her passions on fire and once the forest ignites there can be no turning back.

My 8:

Stop looking at him, Kara. Stop now. She couldn’t stop looking. Six feet, solid muscles and a chest she had just came in contact with flesh to flesh. She couldn’t stop looking. God how she wanted to yank his pants down, hoist her legs up and let him dive in. She rolled her eyes at herself. Nothing good could come of this.

Available Now on Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ PayHip

The Affair comes with Love Unspoken so you get a two in one book and both are standalone stories. Now continue the hop and see what the other authors have to share.

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