The Affair Available Now

I am signed up for the Sunday blog hop so I will be back soon, but I thought since The Affair is officially available in all the places it is scheduled to be released that I would come today to let you all know.

The Affair on:

Pay Hip:


Barnes and Noble:

Love Unspoken is also included in this book so you get two steamy romance stories in one book.

The Affair:

He married one; fell in lust with the other. One accident un-cages the passions he has been hiding and once the beast is unleashed he cannot contain it. Vows taken hold the chains around him, but SWAT sharpshooter Hank Jackson cannot be bound. Kara Malory is about to meet the match that is going to set her passions on fire and once the forest ignites there can be no turning back.

Love Unspoken:

Roark Masters sent a Dear Jane letter with the belief that he was doing the right thing. But when his mission didn’t turn fatal like he thought, finding the woman he loved was near impossible until she turns up at the ranch he works at now. Once Roark has Kate Crenshaw back in his sights this retired SEAL has a new mission—reclaim the woman who should never have gotten away.


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