Bikini Series Challenge Kickoff

Is anybody else doing the TIU challenge? I decided I would do it (I think) this time. The 100 miles isn’t the issue but I have my own schedule and things I like to do for a workout so I shall see where the 8 weeks take me.

So far I think it’s going well. I started my 100 miles yesterday because I had to do my workout and I figured why not count my miles while I’m at it. I did three miles yesterday. Then I was awaiting an email with today’s workout for this challenge and since it wasn’t there this morning I really wanted to workout so I did my usual cardio and yoga. I was able to add another tree miles. Yay!

Then, later in the day I clicked into my starter kit for this series and clicked on a link that gave me several other links I could look at when I finally figured out that my daily workout was right there—right in front of my eyes. So I did another workout after working in the yard half the morning. More cardio meant more miles—4 more. Yeah…10 miles total by day two means I am on my way.

runner-546896_1280 (2)
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Will I be sorry about all of this cardio, toning and yoga tomorrow? Maybe ;). I did get in yoga for cool down and stretching so I hope that will ease some of the possible “why oh why” discomfort from all the work I did today. I feel great right now…but tomorrow is hours away so I have no idea how I will feel tomorrow.

That being said, tomorrow is a new day and on the week 1 routine sheet it looks like there needs to be 20 minutes of intense cardio plus a new video they will have up and the five daily moves list too. Basically, this is going to be 8 weeks of a possibly more intense workout so I should pace myself that way I don’t burn out before the challenge is over. It is a challenge after all—push, not burn.

If anybody else is doing the challenge please feel free to share how it’s going for you in the comment section. I’m mostly doing this on my other blog so stop by if you want to talk fitness, health, beauty or fashion.


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