B is for Breakfast

I’m never hungry when I first wake up so breakfast does not come quickly, but when it does it is usually a green smoothie. This morning, while considering just what I might want to eat when I decide I want something to go in my stomach, I thought of writing. I always think of writing.

Yesterday I was telling my mother about a story that has been in my head for over a month now. It plays like a movie and does actually mean something to me, but I refuse to write it. My mother tells me I should start writing it, just a little every day. My response to her was I have too many stories going now–I do. Every time a new movie starts playing I have the, “write just that scene so you don’t forget what you want to write,” and then “that scene” turns into the entire book.

Viper  option more 1This is what happened while writing the second book in the SEALs and Angels series, too. This book was supposed to come after Viper, but another story came to mind and the characters just spoke to me–thus moving story number three up to the number two spot but story number four is still in the number four spot. But while writing story number three a story came to me through a title and it took off (almost as many words as story number three that was moved to slot number two, and is soon to be moved to slot number three again), and I just had to write what I saw. So I am writing, hoping I do not see the ending before I get closer to it otherwise the movie in my head will be over and once it is over I usually move on to explore the next movie, the next set of characters living the life of adventure, mystery, murder and love.

Not every writer has the same writing path and that is a good thing. Writing like everybody else would be boring. I find that when one writes for self more love can go into the work and more love in work is fun. So while I have no idea what breakfast will be this morning, I am fully aware that there is much writing to be done. Perhaps B also stands for books today.

Have a good end of month you all. Welcome April with a smile.


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