Almost Spring

The year seems to go so fast when I realize it’s almost April and we’re also just a couple days away from a change in the seasons–spring. Of course the season will change when it’s ready, but per the calendar, the new season starts on the 20th. I know a season is a season, but I am looking forward to the change–probably because it puts me one step closer to summer and I have things I have to be sure to get done come summer :).

So what is going on that I can talk about here?



I am doing a slightly earlier release. I had planned for later toward the end of April but everything is done with it so I put it into the Amazon pile of pre-order. Once they have approved it then it will be available and I will update when I can. If it’s up tomorrow I will let you know, but if not then it should be by Sunday and I can let you all know in the Sunday blog hop post.


I’m going strong with my class work. I am counting down until final. It’s not that I’m excited to take a 3-hour test, but once I finish I can keep studying so I can take the final state exam. I might have a little time between my final and the state exam as I do not have all my paperwork in yet.


I don’t know. It’s not really what I thought it would be or what I hoped it would be. I end a year with, “next year will be better. I start the year with “this year will be better.” Neither statement is true–it’s never better.

Blogs and Other Stuff

I know I’m not here often. I am on the I Did It My Way blog a little more frequently talking Beauty, Health and Fashion.

I am still knitting, working on my own pattern for a gift for my mother. I did start a new sewing project…um, start but am currently not working on it a whole lot.

I’m hoping to move. I know I have been hoping to move for a long time now, but why stop hoping; right? :).

Have a good weekend and enjoy the start of a new season. I’ll be back Sunday for the blog hop or a little earlier if the pre-order thing goes through while I’m online tomorrow.



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