My Mother Says I Should

You know when people are not really fully listening to you when they answer a question because if they had they wouldn’t have agreed.

I asked my mom if I should start writing Taboo romance and put the stepfather with the adult stepdaughter.

Mom: “Sure. Why not,” with a nod of her head as she looked at whatever she was holding in her hand.

About an hour later while she was reading the bible and I was trying to work on getting the two weekend blog hop posts I’m doing ready, I laughed. She asked me why I was laughing so I told her because I asked her if I should write taboo romance and she said sure, why not. She thought for a second and then laughed hard and told me that I catch people off guard and that no, that is not something that should be done. She brought up the bible and I told her they were doing far worse than that in the bible. They were marrying their blood relatives in there. Just saying, it’s probably not best to bring up the bible to discourage certain things when it’s in the bible that God was okay with it.

She’s so funny sometimes. Maybe I should take her “sure why not” advice and see what she thinks about it once I’m done ;).


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