A Trap Before A Warning

Maybe the warning came first after all. You know the if it looks too good to be true warning and all, but this trap was masked and yes, I stepped into it willingly. And you know something?–I’m kind of almost not sorry I did.

Let Me Explain

People who do this particular thing make it look so effortless. It’s so smoothly done that I thought a little knowledge would get me there. But it was a trap you see. Their effortless mask is not real.

I have found that the things I thought to be facts were dreams and conjured lies. There is nothing so easy about this and on top of that my dream of finishing this course, sitting for my license and opening my own business were tossed in the pit of lions after the second quiz I had to take. You see it is not that easy.

I will have to work for two years with this license and then work longer under somebody licensed under the other license that I will need to do in order to get that license and open my own business. I cannot open my own business without that license. Yes, just like in Monopoly you cannot get out of jail until you pay all the dues. So my dreams of putting that desk I saw in the store the other day in my own office is just so not going to happen.

gate-191675_1920 (2)

Worst yet! There is math–seriously, math on the test that I must take to get my license. Nobody told me there would be math.

The moral of the story is: if it looks too good to be true then it probably is. Do not go blindly into the trap otherwise you will get roped–hook, line and sink her you’re in career jail until you pay all the dues.

jail-58519_1280 (2)

In other news, I am still writing, and I am also editing and the next book will still come out, I think, in April. I’ll tell you more about that soon.



  1. Nothing in life is easy. My advice to you is to not give up. Two years can go by fast. Until then put your all into it and work at being ready to move forward when the time come that you can start your own business. Pay close attention while you work for other so that you can get some ideas as to how you might want to use them in your own business.In other words learn all you can and then apply it when the time comes. We all suffer disappointment in life we just have to learn to deal and live with them, make the best out of what we have and push on and try to do better for ourselves. When you do start your own business be aware that thing want be easy. There will be hard times and things want always go the way you think they will, or should. As I said in the beginning nothing in life is easy, and getting help from other may never come most people now a days are for self only, helping other does not appear to be apart of their makeup. Take care and I wish you the best.

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