Today’s The Day

It’s the first of the month of love, hate and all things chocolate.

I have never celebrated holidays so the only thing V-Day meant to me was those cute little hearts (thank the gods they’re not chocolate) are out everywhere in every store, on every desk and as a kid sometimes even people in class you weren’t friends with were happy enough to dish them out. Of course my mother said never take candy from strangers so I had to get my own hearts, but you know, it’s the happy to love sentiment that counts even if you can’t take the candy from the classroom stranger.

Fast forward to college and it reminds me of my government class where for the first time in the history of classes the professor let us out early. This was like a “the world must be ending” thing coming from him because he was the kind of professor who kept you until the last second had passed. Having class end after nine o’clock at night after a long day of work meant I was nearly running for the door once he dismissed us. I hated government because I had far too many government classes that all told me the same thing–humans just cannot get it right and stay peaceful without being greedy.

That night when he let us leave early he said something to me that I cannot really remember but I remember my reply and his. I said, “I don’t have anybody.” That wasn’t a bad thing to me and that’s because of the history of my life of which I could talk about here but maybe not. Maybe I’ll carry this over to the I Did It My Way blog one day (maybe later today). At any rate, my teacher said, “you should have told me. I would have brought you something.” I’m not sure if I felt thankful he was so nice behind that strict teaching standard or if I felt a bit pathetic. I mean having your teacher (married so don’t get the wrong idea) pretty much saying he would have brought you something since you didn’t have anybody is kind of…pathetic :(.

So I guess the month of Valentine really doesn’t mean much to me because I never celebrated it. But one of the great things about this month is that I’m guaranteed to find sugary hearts that are bad for your teeth and your weight at just about every store out there. My book is also out this month. Heart’s of Passion  Club Lux–it is the month of love after all. Although the Hippie in me thinks all months should be full of peace, love and happiness.

Releases Today 2.1.16

When Sela Mulvaney went to Club Lux she had sheer determination to get a job at this gentlemen’s club. She didn’t know anything about the place other than the images a club like that brought to her mind but she needed a job and from what she heard Club Lux was upscale and hiring. She didn’t care if being a cocktail waitress was all her college degree would afford her in this state. Putting her ego in the grave with her career aspirations Sela steps into the secluded realm of Club Lux only to find it’s not the club that could change her life forever; it’s the man behind the club. Can Sela take the job Andre Belisarius has offered her without losing her heart to the man?

On Amazon today and it is still waiting release but it will be on B&N soon. Happy month of love you all. May it bring you peace, love and happiness just as I wish all the months that follow will bring you the same.



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