Hearts of Passion ~ Club Lux

Hearts of Passion ~ Club Lux will officially be out on the first of February, but it is available now for pre-order.

Club Lux is the only planned Capri Montgomery fiction book release at the time. I do not know if any additional works will come. I haven’t finished one (any) of the works that I thought maybe would come out 2016/17 and I do not know if any of those works will ever be finished. Basically, Club Lux might be the last of Capri Montgomery in fiction and it might not.

However, here is a brief overview of Club Lux. I hope all of you who buy it and read it will enjoy it.

Available for Pre-Order Now on Amazon

When Sela Mulvaney went to Club Lux she had sheer determination to get a job at this gentlemen’s club. She didn’t know anything about the place other than the images a club like that brought to her mind but she needed a job and from what she heard Club Lux was upscale and hiring. She didn’t care if being a cocktail waitress was all her college degree would afford her in this state. Putting her ego in the grave with her career aspirations Sela steps into the secluded realm of Club Lux only to find it’s not the club that could change her life forever; it’s the man behind the club. Can Sela take the job Andre Belisarius has offered her without losing her heart to the man?

On Amazon now for pre-order and should also be on B&N on release day (2.1.16). As for all other things, you can catch me on the I Did It My Way blog as I am over there fairly regularly talking health, beauty and fashion. I’m sure I’ll talk about something else at times too. I also have a promotional section on there so even if you are not an author you can still end up in the spotlight. Check it out and contact me know if you’re interested.


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