Collision Course

There is this movie, a.k.a. story, that has been floating around in my mind all week. I’m trying to resist writing it because I have other things to work on…other stories that have come to me. This one doesn’t seem to be going away though. Will I write it? I don’t know.

books-109524_1280 (2)Like I said on my Twitter page this morning stepping outside the book is a good thing. I think my life would feel really snore worthy if all I did every day of the year was write every second of the day. I am glad I have a chance to explore my other talents and passions. However, stepping outside the world of fiction sometimes leads me to being inspired to write, or do, new things. This story is not much different.

What makes me want to write it is because I have been dealing with some things in my real world and something about the story kind of fits it…it’s something I wouldn’t mind being a reality on some levels but I know that will never be possible for me. If you cannot have it in reality why not build it in a fictional world. Yeah, dreams sometimes collide with fiction and that’s not such a bad thing.

So why am I not sure I will write this one–other than being busy with other stories? Um…attention span at minus zero these days. Seriously, between now and cooking dinner I am sure another movie will play in my mind and I will, like Alice, follow the rabbit, fall down a hole and get lost in Wonderland.

cottontail-rabbit-938478_1280 (2)
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Plus, I don’t know, I kind of like the dream the way it is…neither happy ending nor non-happy ending. It’s like an open mystery that I can weave the way I want anytime I want. Once I put it on paper it’s kind of over.

While I contemplate to write or not to write I will focus on the story I started last week. What? Attention span minus zero right now ;). I need a vacation but God knows that will probably inspire yet another movie to start playing in my mind and another story to take up space on my computer.





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