It is my absolute goal to get this song right this year which means I cannot just move on to something else simply because my attention span has moved on to something else…or just given up out of boredom. I need to do that with my writing too because new movies are always playing in my head but I really should not try to write them all at the same time.

This month’s goals involve:

C-string on celloMusic

  • Getting 1 of the Bach songs I’m working on completed more smoothly than what I do now.
  • More importantly, getting the Theme from Schindler’s List moving along past the section that keeps tripping me up. Seriously, I have been working on this too long mostly because I worked on it, stopped working on it and then worked on it some more.

The section that keeps tripping up is still difficult for me but I think I have worked out the shift I just need to do it more smoothly.

Coming Soon


Writing Goals

  • Um…yeah, focus would be a good thing. I have 1 book finished for this year and another that I have started so I hope to finish it by the end of the year. I think this second book might be more smaller series because I know what it’s about and the men who would need a story so it fits more series type work I think…for now.
  • Go back to works in progress that I never finished and work on finishing them. That may be more of a next two years thing but I shall see.

I actually have some major goals for my life too and I guess the winter air is inspiring me to keep moving forward toward trying to make it happen.

I hope everybody has gotten their year off to a good start, but even if you haven’t don’t feel down. Just know that tomorrow is always a new day with  no mistakes in it…yet ;).



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