New Year, New Books: Reboot

The end of last year had me stating I only saw one book coming out for my fiction works this year and while I am not a thousand percent sure it won’t be more than one I can say that I do have a new story that is in my pile and I have a cover for it already so it might come out late this year…maybe.

But for now I’ll give you a small look into the planned release to be available for pre-order soon.

Hearts of Passion: Club Lux

Getting a job has never been this life changing for Sela Mulvaney, but going to work for the gentleman’s club Club Lux is about to remake everything she knows about careers, happiness and love.



“…I take the order, I get the drink and I take it back to the customer—sounds pretty easy.” Was saying easy the wrong thing? She couldn’t tell because trying to read the man was like trying to read un-carved stone. He was so stoic, unreadable, unmovable and something about that scared her. He was the kind of man that could make a woman stop and stare and then envision him nakedly standing there.

She mentally slapped herself because she was here for one thing, and one thing only—a job.

Hearts of Passion: Club Lux is coming soon.


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