2015 Books in Review

I didn’t have as many books come out this year as I have in the past.

2015 Books

Tequila Sunrise coverTequila Sunrise

Rain Midthunder had no idea what beauty awaited him on his next job, nor what dangers awaited him. As a security expert his job was to make sure the proper security system was set and then leave, but when Zorina Fawn-Snow’s gallery comes hostile grounds he sets his mission on protecting more than the art gallery. Can Rain keep the woman he wants in his life as more than just a client safe? Or will one deadly game of lies, betrayal and unscrupulous business associates put an end to his entire world, and hers.

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Lulu (print and e-books available on Amazon and B&N and only print on Lulu)

midnight_rain_no_peopleMidnight Rain

Scout Piston is a man who knows security. When he is given the assignment to help upgrade security for one beautiful school teacher can he balance cravings with work? Will his need to take this woman all the way, claim her and make her his, push the envelope of his expertise into a deadly divided level of limited concentration? Has this retired SEAL finally come up against a mission where he cannot come out the victor? Find out in Midnight Rain.

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Lulu (e-book only on Amazon and B&N. Print only on Lulu.)

Strike_Force_Lone_Survivor-webStrike Force – Lone Survivor

Destination–unknown. Package–unknown. The only thing Octavian Mac Iomaire knows is that once this secretive government agency calls he goes without question. As the Ghost told him when he brought him in, there is no out of this group until death. Once under the Ghost’s control he would always be under his control. So as Octavian sits on a plane heading to an unknown destination to retrieve an unknown package the only thing Octavian knows is that this mission was at a beyond lethal status and he and his team might not come back breathing.

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Lulu

Red_Noon_new-webRed Noon

Two dangerous stalkers. One beautiful prey. A SWAT team on high alert and a few politicians who would move hell to make sure they come out on top. Can the odds fall in the favor of good, or will Karma get an honest woman confused with the wrong sins and get her killed?

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Lulu


Kill List CoverKill List

Cleaning has never been this lethal. When two maids at one of the most elite NY City hotels discover a heinous criminal that costs one of them their life can Special Forces Marine Chogan Harjo keep the woman of his heart alive while catching his sister’s killer?

With help from the Witness Protection Special Conditions unit this Marine is calling in old favors and bringing in his team of elite military men to get justice for his sister’s murder while keeping the woman he loves alive. When a simple killer takes on more sinister shades of darkness can this Marine pull this mission off with success, or will the man he’s prepping to go to war with add another kill to his list.

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Lulu

devil's-lairThe Devil’s Lair

Maksim Ivashov swore he wouldn’t fall for a woman so deep that he would want to share his life with her, but while he was away the beautiful Cocoa Thomas signed on to work for his architectural design firm and he can’t deny that the beauty has captured his heart. When strange things start to occur will this Russian-American Adonis be able to keep this beauty safe while keeping himself alive? Find out in the last book in the Russian Connection series—The Devil’s Lair.

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble

That’s all of them I think. 2016 Only has one planned for release but I did just start working on one, and I still have my non fiction book in progress so it looks to be a moderately busy year by way of writing.

Stay safe and I hope 2016 finds you all doing well.


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