Death of a Blog

I suppose that is a little over dramatic. Death of a Blog…is a blog ever really alive in the first place?


Either way, I find that I am spending less time on this blog. I really like one of my other blogs because I can focus on heath, beauty and fashion (not so much on the fashion though).

This blog started as a mix of things in my life, morphed into being about writing because I am a writer and now it seems to be going the way of the wind. The things that were once so strong in my life are not really there as strongly as before.

I only have one book planned for early next year. Did you know that? Just one. The other book I am not really working on but if I ever finish it I might be able to have it out by the end of 2016 or something like it. It’s kind of hard to talk about writing when I really don’t have anything to talk about.

While I am still practicing cello I’m not blogging about it right now. So this blog is kind of in limbo. I keep it because I have had it the longest and saying goodbye to it seems kind of wrong. Plus I started following so many other blogs with this one that I don’t want to miss out on those. I check this blog more than I check my emails now days and that’s not saying much I guess since I don’t check my email every week anymore.

Limbo I tell you. My blog is in limbo. My life is in limbo. But on the bright side I completed another year of life recently and I woke up breathing this morning. Limbo is not so bad I guess.

Have a great week everybody :).



  1. Lots of dead blogs in my wake, too. Good luck on your evolution to a less limbo-like life 🙂 What is the link to your other blog that you intend to keep? I’ll add it to my rss feeder too.

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