December to January

Hi everybody. Happy December. It is officially the last month of the year and even though it is only the second day I am thinking far ahead. Yes, I live in the future a lot ;).

Goals for December

The Cost of Love electronic copy

  1. Put less on my daily to-do list. (Um…yeah so far that is not going so well.)
  2. Work on page two of my current book I’m working in for shifting exercises for cello. I started the first song late last month but the last half still trips me up while the first half still needs to flow up to tempo smoothly. I did meet last month’s cello goals so I am confident that I can meet this one too.
  3. Get new sheet music and work more classical pieces on cello. (I know, I don’t want to play classical but there is a song–the intro anyway–that I would like to learn to play.
  4. Work on some personal endeavors that I hope to see work out this month.
  5. Finish at least one writing work in progress.

I don’t think five things on the list for the month is too much.

Is maith liom Nollaig. 🙂 Yes, I’m still learning.


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