What’s in a To-Do List

Sometimes I think the more I make these things the less I get done. It’s like the cosmos is against me or something. It’s like making a to-do list is the makings of chaos.

I had yesterday’s list ready to go and then things outside of my doing took over and everything managed to get dislocated. I got all but one thing done and the other thing was just because I was so tired I knew if I tried I would mess something up and have a hard time fixing it. Sometimes it is better to throw in the towel and hope for a better tomorrow.

The list for today is going well but there is still much to be done. Honestly I put less on my list than usual and I still think I might need to cut the list a little more.

midnight_rain_no_peopleI hope to get more writing done today than yesterday, finish off at least one of the cover designs that is almost done, knit, but I also put baking on the list today because I want to make raisin bread. Yeah…cello first and everything else comes second, third…you know, I shall work until I get it all done, or I crash for the night.

Do you make to-do lists? If so, how do you manage to make sure everything on it gets done and done right?



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