New Week Same Work

Life is so same as usual, which isn’t all that bad really.

So far I have yet another to-do list that I should have made shorter for today…what can I say; I have a way of trying to get it all done.

This week I need to finish edits on my book due out next year, I have covers to design and a product for my store to finish. I’m also thinking of some things I need to line up for next year but need to start working on now in order to get it done so it’s going to be a busy week yet again.

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IMG_7208By way of cello, things are going well. I missed two days last week and I do feel kind of bad about that as I told myself I was going to try to not miss any. I would say this week is a new week, but it’s not. This week started yesterday and I missed yesterday. Oh boy…today’s not looking so good either as once the sun comes up I need to cut the grass in the backyard and mangle groom this plant in the front yard that keeps scaring me every time the wind blows. I have never seen these plants that tall and with some research I have found they can grow up to 12 feet…yeah…just no. I need to cut it down some. It’s not my plant so I can’t kill it.

Have a great week you all.



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