My Sexy Saturday: While You Were Sexy


It’s My Sexy Saturday! This is the blog hop where participating authors post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. For me it’s sentences. This week is While You Were Sexy so I am sharing seven sentences from When the Heart Breaks. After reading mine be sure to click on the My Sexy Saturday link above to visit the other authors in the hop.

Blurb: Seona Carson asked the near impossible of her husband and sister. She wants them to watch over each other and help each other through their pain after she’s gone. That promise they make to her does not come without a price. Ailey and Antonio are complete opposites and now that their common connector is gone being around each other brings frustration and pain. But when the tears clear and the heart starts to mend the bond these two form starts to push beyond friendship. Now that Ailey’s heart is on the line how can she know if Antonio is falling for her because of the woman she is and not just because she’s identical to the woman he lost?

When the Heart Breaks is a dramatic romance that test the bounds of love, friendship, obligation and heartbreak. At the end of the day two people must decide if love is strong enough to hold them together, or weak enough to rip them apart.

Setting the Scene: Antonio has just had to spend more time in a hospital that he never wanted to see again after his wife’s battle with breast cancer. Now he’s carting her sister, Ailey, home and the two are batteing their growing feelings for each other. My seven this week is the heated moment a car ride home brings their way.

My Seven

“I am not your devoir. You do not have to feel the need to take care of me.”

“Not my devoir,” he shook his head. “God, woman; do you even…” He took one look at her soft skin and the way her silky hair fell against her small breasts. He let out a frustrated growl and then he let go. Something within him snapped and he found himself grabbing hold of her upper arms and yanking her across the console nearly into his lap before crushing her lips with his, using his tongue to part her lips before slipping his tongue inside her mouth and devouring her with the force of a man letting go of pent up need.

That’s my 7 so buy the book which is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu.


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