Fly on the Wall Sunday: Happy November

November already and soon this year will be over. Yes, I live in the future as I am already counting today as over which means I have one month and ten days left on this hair challenge thing. Yay! It’s almost over. I made it…well, kind of seeing as though one month and ten days is still a long way to go but I’m almost there.

What does November bring for my world of writing?

search-454461_1280 (2)I don’t know really. I have stories to finish and one that is almost finished. I have to write the love scene but I am considering not putting one in there. The story actually would be good without one so I am holding off on writing the next scene until I decide for sure (basically waiting until Monday before sinking back into the story) and then I am going to work on some wearable art pieces for the store.

Goals for November


  • Make my Me-Day happen. I keep saying I’m going to do it; I have all the ideas for an at home spa day and haven’t really done it yet.
  • Finish at least one work in progress for Capri Montgomery books.
  • Type my recipes for my cookbook.
  • Finish practice for the current page of positional shifting pieces (Cello) so I can move on to the next page by December.

Happy November everybody. I hope you can find peace and happiness in this eleventh month of the year.

Royalty Free photo from
Royalty Free photo from


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