The Thing About Writing

“What are you doing?” They ask. “Oh, probably nothing,” they say without letting me answer the question. To them I don’t have a “real” job therefore I must be doing “nothing.”

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover uploadSure, because writing a book, editing, trying to get the right cover design, trying to edit some more and trying to find a way to let people know about a new fictional world finally built and ready to be explored is absolutely doing nothing–Not.

I don’t know why people assume that writing is doing nothing. It’s actually hard work, especially when your brain is always exploring new worlds while trying to finish the exploration of one. Crazy; I know, but the other day I thought of a new world to explore. It really was a dream or wishes more so than anything and the next day I kept thinking about it. It wasn’t until I was thirty minutes out from needing to leave the house for a meeting that I decided to write it. Sometimes it’s nice to give my characters the world I cannot have, will not have, and sometimes don’t really want.

Yes, I have other stories that need to be finished. Yes, I am in the middle of editing something. But that’s the thing. When a new fictional world starts developing in my head I have to explore it. The faster I explore it the better because if I don’t write like crazy I’m bound to find a new fictional world that needs exploring; (which would be why my science fiction world is still in the same spot it was in earlier this year).

typewriter-801921_1280 (2)

I feel better if I at least get the first draft done because at least I know I am bound for edits upon edits (not that I like editing you know) and with edits comes the promise of possibly publishing.

Unlike one of my other stories that I love…I do. I even like one of my LF’s lines. But every time I try to go back to work on it something else takes over. It’s like, “um…that story is still sitting open do you think you’ll finish it sometime soon because you could you know.” Yeah, sometimes I talk to myself about these things.

IMG_2662So yes. Every day I am doing something. Add looking for a “real” job on top of that, cooking, cleaning, doing the yard work, and trying to get things done for my Etsy store (which I need to stock before the first of the month with the new products) is a lot of work. It may not seem like a “real” job, but it’s still work.



  1. Some times people never think before speaking. Keep doing what you are doing and things will get better. Jobs are hard to find my daughter has been looking for a long time and still have not found one. Skin is the wrong color. Does not matter how much experience she has or had it been so long now she might have to be retrain.

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