Snow, Old Books and Dreams That Won’t Happen

Sometimes, more recently than in years past, I find myself missing the snow.

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horses in snowA lot of people cannot understand how I can miss snow and ice, but you see I never said I miss the ice; I said I miss the snow. I miss a lot of things and ever so often think of being able to move, have my own ranch with horses I don’t know how to take care of and land I probably cannot handle alone. Yeah, dreams are sometimes meant to stay dreams.

snow covered housesThe reality is that the more I think about making such a move one day the more I realize that I’ll get there and a hot minute later remember that I hate having to scrape ice off my windshield and shovel snow once again because my car has once again gotten stuck in the driveway. Dreams are sometimes not meant to happen for some of us. Besides, the picture to the right is another reminder of why I should avoid turning my snow dream into a reality.

All that thinking of snow and ranches made me think of one of my older works ~ A Rancher’s Love. I haven’t read it since not long after final publishing but next time it’s dark and not so super snowy here I just might curl up in bed and escape from my normal state into my dream world of horses, ranches and oh yeah…lots of snow–mountains of snow.

A Rancher's Love ARe coverA Rancher’s Love

Zoe-Quinnlyn Starks has had a rough year. Her boyfriend…make that ex-boyfriend, is getting married to her mother. Her boss blamed her for a cake that made four hundred guests sick even though it wasn’t her fault. He’s fired her and she can’t land another job in the Keys. So when the opportunity comes along to audition for a reality cooking show contest out in Seattle, Washington she jumps at the chance. With her luggage in the car, her GPS set to her final destination and nothing stopping her from going after her future, Zoe hits the road.

Little did she know that her road trip to Washington was going to take a major detour. With the GPS losing the signal and then recalculating for the wrong state, Bambi in the middle of the road, and a steep hill to the right of her, Zoe should have known the road trip was going to take a detour. When that detour leads her right through Dean Collins’ ranch fence her life is about to get another surprise, one she’ll have to decide if it’s worth the risk. Can Dean convince Zoe to bet on love? Or will a broken past cause her to run from love? Find out in A Rancher’s Love.

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  1. I can understand. Sometimes I miss the snow. I sometimes wish I could go back to times pass. Cause I also wish I could stay in the house and just look out the window at the beauty and not go out side. wishful thinking. I also think about a lot of things that will never happen. So I welcome myself back to the future and just try and be happy. Hope you can do the same. Life is what we make of it. By the way I read your book Rancher’s Love it was very good. A great work of fiction. 🙂

    • I have heard the life is what we make it words from my father not that long ago. While I can agree to some point I can also see how life is not always what we make it. Sometimes you can work hard for something and never get it to work out. Sometimes I think things happen for a reason and while we don’t see it right away maybe we will some day. I tell my parents they both probably saved my life because the jobs I wanted years ago would have both put me in places that could have killed me.

      Anyway, I can understand your feelings because I have been there and am sometimes still there. Thank you for your kind words. I hope that you, too, can find much happiness in your world. And I am so glad you liked A Rancher’s Love. Thank you for reading it :).

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