My Sexy Saturday: All About Sexy

LynnSexySaturday_bannerIt’s My Sexy Saturday! This week #113 is All About Sexy. This is the blog hop where participating authors post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words.  For me it’s sentences from Midnight Rain. After reading mine be sure to click on the My Sexy Saturday link above to visit the other authors in the hop.



Scout Piston has never walked into a room and been completely taken over by lustful cravings. Sure, he has been with women he found beautiful, sexy, invigorating and intriguing but he has never met a woman like Sade, the kind of woman who could bring a man to his knees with just one look at her. A voluptuous body full of luscious curves has his mind focused on her body instead of the work he needs to do to provide the right level of security for her work-life and her home-life. Can Scout balance cravings with work? Will his need to take this woman all the way, claim her and make her his, push the envelope of his expertise into a deadly divided level of limited concentration? Has this retired SEAL finally come up against a mission where he cannot come out the victor. Find out how hard the heat can pour down in Midnight Rain.

Pre-Order on Amazon:

Will be on Barnes and Noble and also on Lulu (print) October 13, 2015

My Seven

With one palm on the desk beside her he leaned farther forward and sat the glass down out of her way before landing his hand on the other side of her body. Now this was perfection and danger rolled into one. He could smell her even stronger up close. She smelled so delicious he wanted to taste all of her. He could tell he was turning her on because her eyes had gone from anger to aroused. The fact that he was now standing between her legs didn’t help much he would guess.

That’s my seven for the week so be sure to use the link above to check out the other authors in this hop.


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