Mistakes and Setbacks

<Sigh> Have you ever made a mistake that completely sets you back to square one? I have. My project is totally ruined and so totally gone so I have to start over. Yes, that is a rather dark cloud and I am not sure that silver lining isn’t just a bolt of lightning, but I am trying to look at the positive side of things.


~ Positives ~

  1. I made it as far as I could with very little unfix-able mistakes. Yay me on that because this was not an easy project.
  2. I am going to start over. Frustrations or not I have the strength to start over…um, after I get a couple other things out the way.
  3. I will work a little easier knowing exactly how things are supposed to go, which will make my moments of lack of concentration not be so bad on the “where was I” ladder.
  4. I’m starting over. I know I already said that but it’s kind of big for me because I seriously just want to burn the entire project into the ground and be done with it. Patience is a virtue…or so they say anyway ;).

All of that being said I am going to be tied up with projects for a while. I have pre-scheduled the Saturday blog hop post so that I will be sure it does actually post on time, but other than that…well, writing is on a back burner until I get the other projects done and the one I ruined restarted and at least close to where I was when I messed it up. In my mother’s words, I know how to mess things up. I know how to mess them up really well. Basically I’m going to be busy trying to fix my mess-up and get some non writing work done.


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