Fly on the Wall Sunday: Be Still My Heart

I suppose if I’m going to pick out of the men, see Wednesdays post on the Nature’s Gate series, I would have to say overall in my books I would have to pick Hyun Ki…okay, so I have to pick him for now but if I read my earlier work I might find somebody else I want to take home to my mom to meet, too.

I choose Hyun Ki from Guarding Angel because he is very loosely based on a guy I crushed on in real life. Very loosely should be in all caps. So a little bit of fact with a whole lot of fiction just makes this a character I want to revisit sometimes.

Scenes that stand out to me would be the slap—when Angel whacks him in the face for bringing up her divorce and all that not so good argument stuff. I love his response, that “this will be the last time you hit me” response that turns my leading lady on while he’s man enough to walk away without retaliating.

I also love their first kiss post the major breakup of the past. I love how he protects her and how he is so certain he is going to go after her heart and not let her go. He wants to get her back in his life for more than just protection duty.

There is so much about this story and this man that I like so he’s my first pick on overall faves—for now ;).

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover uploadGuarding Angel

“I can’t change what I did, Angel. I can’t change it and you can’t forgive me either; can you?”

Hyun Ki Kan is the Special Conditions U.S. Marshal assigned to protect Angel Ducain. Unfortunately for him there is a history behind them that won’t make his job easy. Out of all the assignments to get he can’t help but have mixed feelings when Angel’s disdain makes being stuck in a house alone with her seem that much more taxing.

She’s still beautiful, but she’s changed in so many ways. Her new disability complicates things, but so does his heart. He wants a second chance with her but first he must keep her alive. When one of her now deceased ex-husband’s legal cases come full circle to haunt her she’s going to have to trust him to keep her safe. But trust isn’t easy when the man guarding her is the very man who broke her heart in the first place.

Available Now: Amazon * Barnes and Noble * Lulu (print)


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