Warning; First Impressions Ahead

Amazon has put Midnight Rain up for pre-order. Yay! Since I should follow through on the telling you more about it (See Wednesday’s Post for more) I am going to give a look at my leading man and woman on their first solo interaction impression. Seriously, these two are a match ready to be struck and if it is they will no doubt burn down the forest together—they are that hot together.


First Impressions

Her look of fear changed to anger. “Hey! You are such a jerk. Bring the other guy back.”

“The other guy has work to do, lady.”

She started ranting in Dutch and his eyes tightened into slits. “You think I’m an ass. I hope that’s ass of the biblical persuasion coming from your lips. I’d hate to think you have a dirty mouth.”

She shifted her language to Greek.

“I speak that one too,” he snarled. If she called him one more name or made one more insult about the size of his dick he’d break the rules and give her a firsthand experience of how wrong she was.

To read more of their world be sure to buy your copy on Amazon (via pre-order now), Barnes and Noble which will be up on release day (I hope depending on B&N) and of course in print on Lulu.com on release day as well.

midnight_rain_no_peoplePre-Order on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01608MOO0


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