Favorites Are Hard To Pick

It’s hard for me to pick favorites. I like something about each one of my books. That being said if I had to pick a favorite man out of the Nature’s Gate series I would have to pick Scout. It isn’t so much his looks really as I do think Rain is rather handsome in his story, Tequila Sunrise, but there is something about Scout, the slightly older, retired military man that is inviting, intriguing and completely captivating for me.

I don’t know how some of my characters do it when they are completely fictional but some of them seriously make me think if I knew the guy in the real world I would so date him–despite my aversion to romantic entanglements and all.

Scout is a man who is confident in himself, his abilities and does not cower in fear. When he sees a woman he wants he doesn’t shrink back. Except Scout has just met a woman who has very little trouble standing her ground and bringing him to his knees.

Here’s the blurb. I have uploaded Midnight Rain for pre-order this morning and I just have to wait on Amazon to make it live. The scheduled release date is October 13, 2015. I will definitely share more before release.

midnight_rain_no_peopleMidnight Rain (part of the Nature’s Gate series –book 2)

Scout Piston has never walked into a room and been completely taken over by lustful cravings. Sure, he has been with women he found beautiful, sexy, invigorating and intriguing but he has never met a woman like Sade, the kind of woman who could bring a man to his knees with just one look at her. A voluptuous body full of luscious curves has his mind focused on her body instead of the work he needs to do to provide the right level of security for her work-life and her home-life. Can Scout balance cravings with work? Will his need to take this woman all the way, claim her and make her his, push the envelope of his expertise into a deadly divided level of limited concentration? Has this retired SEAL finally come up against a mission where he cannot come out the victor. Find out how hard the heat can pour down in Midnight Rain.

If you haven’t read the first book in the series yet check out Tequila Sunrise. Each book is a standalone but you can still meet up with each of the men from this security firm in the first book.



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